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Updated: Jul 9

23. life insurance opportunity Insurance Collaborative to Save Lives initiative

Dr. Lewis goes over his own case of low energy. He also reviews the labs of a 40 yo male with stage 5 kidney failure. Q&A follows the case studies.

Dr. Lewis explains that Biaxin is an underappreciated treatment for long-haul COVID and vaccine (mRNA) injury because latent bacterial infections often crop up - particularly in the lungs. He also reviews a case study of a 24-year-old male with night sweats. Dr. Carter took many questions and provided deep insights into various maladies and treatments.

The human gut virome includes a diverse collection of viruses that infect our own cells as well as other commensal organisms, directly impacting on our well-being. Despite its predominance, the virome remains one of the least understood components of the gut microbiota, with appropriate analysis toolkits still in development.

Dr. Lewis discusses inflammation and - more importantly - the causes of inflammation. Inflammation is a treasure of nature, but it can also cause collateral damage. Start by finding out the causes of the inflammation and mitigate them.

48. Kidney Rehab - Dr. Jenna Henderson

Dr. Lewis reviews 8 mechanisms that drive dementias and Alzheimer's and provides practical solutions.

55. none

Joseph Krieger from Boston Biolife explained advanced regenerative medicine. However, he believes that managing the basics if the key to good health.

Dr. Lewis discusses positive outcomes associated with the use of Dioxi-Rinse. Pocket depth and gum recession reversed.

Dr. Lewis discusses evidence-based reference ranges for biomarkers based on early all-cause mortality as an endpoint. This is part of the GAPS Academy doctor training program.

107. Gut Health Basics Dr. Lewis from 2020.

Dilara Esengil interviewed Dr. Lewis on her show "A Fist Full of Truth." It was a general discussion on health but included sources of chronic infections. H-pylori, Lyme Disease, and periodontal disease.


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