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26 Ways You Get and Stay Hungry.

We have posted a video on this topic: Here is the link:

Hunger is not your fault. You usually have an internal imbalance that's driving your brain to send a "hungry" signal..........................

Do you think you are hungry because you are out of calories? That is certainly one reason for your hunger, but there are many other reasons...

Here are MY Top 26 Things that Make You Hungry

(Note - each of these will be the subject of it's own blog with more detail)

Click on the black arrow in the image to advance to the next item.

Here is the list in it's entirety (not in order of importance)

  1. Your Brain

  2. Glycemic index and glycemic load

  3. Lack of exercise

  4. Antacids

  5. Statin and other LDL-lowering drugs

  6. My plate

  7. Low fat

  8. Lack of minerals

  9. High protein diets

  10. Timing

  11. Blood pressure medications

  12. Salt deficiency

  13. Food policy - USDA

  14. Food marketing and profit

  15. Lack of fiber

  16. Vitamin deficiency

  17. The American Heart Association recommendations

  18. Infection and other diseases

  19. Insulin

  20. A properly working gut

  21. Exercise (confusing huh!)

  22. Eating schedule / frequency

  23. The American Diabetes Association recommendations

  24. Your microbiome and immunity in general (see 18.)

  25. Processed and fast food

  26. Attitudes toward foods (family, individual, and cultural)

Future Blogs

Health Revival Partners is a root-cause health education, disease prevention, and disease reversal program. We focus on mechanisms of disease. Our first set of blogs will use these 26 causes of hunger to help you understand your body, overcome hunger and, more importantly, improve or optimize your health.

Here are a couple of KEY concepts I hope you all take away from this information:
  • You are NOT what you eat - you ARE what you ABSORB

  • Calories are not just calories just like our car isn't only about gasoline. Repair and recovery is as or more important compared to energy if you want a long and healthy life.

  • Whenever you make a decision, always ask yourself "Where did I learn that?" Make sure the information you use is founded in solid knowledge before moving forward.

Get Inspired to improve or maintain your health!

Stay or Get Well.

Tom Lewis

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