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A Dentist Recommendation for Periodontal Disease

As promised during our chronic disease support session, here is the recommendation list for staying on top of oral disease when a root canal is involved.

I'll never like a root canal because it's the repair of a dead tooth. However, it's overly simplistic to state that you can remove a tooth without consequences.

Also, I know some people just WILL NOT have a tooth pulled for a variety of reasons. No judgement zone here.


Also, here is a site where you can refill a prescription or maybe even get a new prescription. I know one person who has successfully used this site for a new prescription.

Feel free to contact me for more details on what to get.



Next Chronic Disease Support seminar - Monday at noon. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need the zoom link.

It's not too late to join this program. I'll send any newbies a link to past presentations....

Stay Well

Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D.

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