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Announcing Functional Periodontics

MANY MANY MANY people have mild to moderate periodontal disease. What they don't have is guidance on what to do...

Now you have an authority on our team to provide you with the information you need to make the RIGHT decision(s).

Meet Dr. Patricia (Patty) Berube. She is now available for oral / periodontal consults. Importantly, she will be blogging and presenting during selected webinars - as part of our weekly live webinar program.

Here goal is to improve your ORAL & WHOLE BODY HEALTH

To work with Dr. Berube, please go to our oral health page:

Here is Dr. Berube's introduction...


I want to introduce myself to the Health Revival Partner’s community. My name is Dr. Patricia Berube and I have been humbled to accept an offer from Dr. Lewis to be this community’s Oral Health Educator. To start, I’d like to discuss a bit of my history.

I have been practicing exclusively in Periodontics for almost 20 years now. Periodontics is the study of the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease (or gum disease), in addition to surgical therapies including placement of dental implants for tooth replacement and all that entails. We also treat oral conditions in the mouth, are versed in oral/systemic connections and periodontal plastic procedures.

After college, I completed my dental school training at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine to receive my DMD and entered a three-year Periodontics residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and obtained my Periodontics certificate, as well as a Master’s degree. I soon became Board Certified in Periodontics. After my training, I worked in Boston until I moved back to Texas to open my own practice. I believe that this is when my education really began.


"I believe that this is when my education really began."

(working with people like you)


As dental practitioners, we all have a thorough knowledge in the medical curriculum, as well as, dental. It is important for us to understand people’s medical conditions, their medications and how this can affect the mouth and vice versa. Over the years, I have experienced many scenarios with friends and family that caused me to look “outside the box” for healing.

The best example I can give is my mother, who for decades has/had rheumatoid arthritis. To say this is debilitating is an understatement. For years she took medications that caused damage to her kidneys and her eyes, and she never improved. She eventually had a perforated colon from what I presume to be overdosing on anti-steroidals for pain relief. This was a wake-up call and we sought help. She is now off all medications and controls her symptoms with diet and supplementation. She is pain free most days and has more energy than I do!

What does this have to do with dentistry? Well, these events in my personal life made me thirsty for knowledge and led me on the quest to understand why things happened and not just how to suppress the symptoms. For years now, my free time consists of reading every book/blog/newsletter/website, etc. I can get my hands on. I have become certified in other healing modalities and I am currently working on a Functional Medicine curriculum. This knowledge has exponentially improved my ability to manage patient’s oral health and also to help those find alternatives when they are not able to use conventional methods due to allergy or some other ailment.

I have added Oral DNA testing to my practice, which has provided objective data to my patients who otherwise wouldn’t be able to actually see they have a problem. There are many medical practitioners that believe that all disease starts in the mouth, and Dr. Lewis is one of them. His quest to shine a light on the oral/systemic link to disease is needed. While there are decades worth of literature to prove associations between oral infection and systemic diseases, it is still a very under-appreciated art.

I am here to help with dental questions you may have, including what to look for in a dentist, the questions to ask, some helpful tips for use at home and to provide the logistics to the questions you may have such as when a tooth needs to be removed and the ramifications of that. My approach is I hope a very approachable one, as discussions of scientific literature doesn’t always translate to information that can be understood and used daily. I am here to be your bridge. I continue to learn something new every day and I look forward to learning from Dr. Lewis and from the Health Revival Partner’s community. I would be happy to help you on your journey to optimal health through better oral health.

Patricia Berube, DMD, MS, AIAOMT


Oral health IS whole body health. We encourage you to review our blogs on this topic. The blogs are titled "Focal Infection."


Look below to find the times and links to our weekly webinars....

What is the Chronic Disease Support program?

1. It is a weekly live, interactive, 1h, webinar on Zoom covering important health-related topics.

2. The schedule is Mondays at 12 noon EST and Tuesday at 8 pm EST. The topic is the same at both times/dates. We offer 2 times per week to accommodate schedules.

Monday Zoom link (noon EST):

Tuesday Zoom link (8pm EST):

copy and paste to your browser at the designed time to join.


Stay Well

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