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Are we doomed? What is the solution?

The solution is YOU!

Go to and watch episode 354.

Here is an important segment of that episode.


  • Those who can think critically have to unite and avoid presenting theories that are NOT science-based.

  • The spike protein impacts hippocampal neurogenesis and can cause our "personality" to be reset (to some degree) in favor of following the herd.

  • If the 20% or so that remain objective, share the evidence with others, we stand a chance to reverse the course of globalization and not become lemmings.

  • We are responsible for being bold & brave and sharing evidence with compromised people.


I like to use functional and integrative medicine as an example of how "our" side is failing to some degree. Functional doctors left allopathic medicine because they saw the failings of that system. However, rather than uniting under one evidence-based platform, they became "sole operators."

As a result, the medical-industrial complex has been able to assert that what functional medicine does is "interesting" but "anecdotal." My plea to functional medicine is to form a united group that sets evidence-based but not rigid standards that we can stand behind and prove to populations that this is the right path to follow.

I have failed at my 15+ year efforts to unite functional medicine. After all, I'm just a tiny player in functional medicine. However, I am now part of a team working to install health plans in small and mid-sized companies. I told my team the approach is to be a Trojan Horse. If this effort is successful, maybe other functional doctors will follow. The leverage of this group, which I am now a part of, has an essential ingredient that may turn the tide. We have a payer interested in supporting good health and medicine. Suppose functional medicine has a payer - financial coverage with something that looks like traditional medicine. In that case, we have an opportunity to expand functional medicine to those who are not even aware of this option.


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