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Biomarker Panel Measures Health Span

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Some of our most prominent members of society have succumb to an early demise. The most recent one just happened to be one of the most important health leaders in America, the CEO and Chairman of Kaiser Permanente. He died at the early age of 60 in his sleep - likely caused by a heart attack.

American healthcare continues to fail ALL members of society because of a single minded focus on lipid levels (cholesterol) and A1C. Both are very poor markers for early mortality.

In a previous blog I compared blood lab "reference intervals" used by Kaiser and the rest of traditional healthcare and our early mortality-based normal values. Our values are much tighter and more predictive of disease and early death. We measure "smoldering" not just fire.

Importantly, we use 20 independent biomarkers to create your mortality and disease risk score we call your "Chronic Disease Temperature." The science is very straight forward. I could understand not using these markers if they were expensive, but they are not. We package all the biomarkers and a 1-hour consult into a very affordable product to help you live a long and healthy lifespan.

Please watch this introductory video. We will be producing more and detailed videos on these "Chronic Disease Temperature" biomarkers in the near future.


Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D.

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