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Bravo Probiotics - New Information by Dr. Ruggiero

I developed the


with the idea to provide everything you need for the homemade preparation of a highly fermented milk/colostrum product that has no competitors on the market.

Bravo Kit containing the powders to prepare the final fermented yogurt-like product

Since the Bravo final fermented product looks like a yogurt I’ll call it, to make it short, Bravo yogurt but it’s important that you have in mind that it has nothing in common with any other similar products.

Video describing Bravo and how to make it.

7-Part Bravo Yogurt Preparation videos (only Part 1 link provided here)

The Bravo Kit to make the Bravo yogurt contains several powders (a very wide array of ferments enriched in Bifidobacteria, a complex blend of enteric-coated bacteria, and organic Swiss cow colostrum) so that you can prepare at home a unique fermented probiotic/postbiotic product (aimed to restore our healthy microbiome) that you can customize the way you prefer.

How can you customize your Bravo yogurt?

First of all, you can choose the type of milk that you like the most. It can be cow's milk but also goat's, camel's or donkey's milk. I, for example, like to shop the best cow's milk that I can find in Arizona, a State with a great tradition in the field of zootechnics. And, to add to the flexibility, you can use pasteurized or even raw milk if available in your State or Country.

Another aspect of Bravo yogurt flexibility is that it can be eaten as a dessert for dinner (as I do) or in any other moment of your day, and it can be part of many different diets, including ketogenic diets; furthermore, Bravo yogurt can be flavored with fruits, chocolate or other natural additions that might make its taste even more delicious.

If you think that you don’t have time to make Bravo yogurt at home or that it might be too complex, don’t worry. Due to its flexibility, to make Bravo yogurt is very easy; you don’t need any special tools or skills. The whole process is user-friendly and it takes just a few minutes of your time.

Bravo Kit to make Bravo yogurt contains cow's colostrum and is primarily designed to ferment animal milk. If however, you are looking for a completely dairy-free Bravo product, we have developed a more appropriate product, Bravo Edestiny, that is based on the fermentation of hemp seed proteins.

I hope that these notes are of interest to you and thank you for being part of the Bravo community.

Yours truly,

Marco Ruggiero


Previous Blog on Bravo:

Based on fecal transplant research, I believe the best strategy for taking probiotics is to take several different types - and not all on the same day.

However, I believe the Bravo line of probiotics is among the best, if not the best, probiotics. I recommend taking both types and making the yogurt as well.

Someone had a slight problem navigating to the U.S. site. This is what the Bravo people told me in response to this issue:

"I have just double-checked , and the website seems to work properly. It might be that the client's pc for some settings automatically forwards to the European website. The client might wish to try from another device or iPhone, or he can also email us, and we can send him an invoice to be paid with Paypal or Stripe without needing to place the order through the website."

Here is where to go and what to do:

Promo Code: Lewis25

If you have a problem, write to Stefania at


Previously posted....

If you have done a consult with me, you know I assert that the gut is the foundation of your health. Therefore, probiotics are THE MOST IMPORTANT supplement you should take.

Many people take too many supplements - for any number of reasons. Understand that there are two (2) classes of supplements.

  1. Essential: You have to get the nutrients from the outside, mainly through food. In some instances, it makes sense to take an "essential" nutrient-containing supplement.

  2. Non-Essential: In these cases, your body synthesizes the substance(s) from the essential nutrients. These types of nutrients should only be taken "tactically." Testing usually elucidates the need.

Probiotics are ESSENTIAL

What I have learned by performing over 10,000 risk surveys is that the top complaints registered by people are:

  1. Fatigue

  2. Chronic Pain

  3. Sleeplessness

However, the ACTUAL top complaint is some gut issues: bloating, reflux, pain, diarrhea, constipation, or other complaints.


Good News: I recommend the Bravo product line for everyone, along with other probiotics, in a weekly rotation. It is expensive, but you only take one Bravo per week.

I can now offer a 25% discount on all three (3) key gut probiotic products Dr. Marco Ruggiero offers.

Here is where to go and what to do:

Promo Code: Lewis25

Products: Click on the link below the image to download the brochure.

When to take: If you have any gut dysbiosis - take one weekly.

If you are alive! Take one occasionally.

(Taking Bravo may help with dairy intolerance.)

Freeze Dried Bravo capsules
Download PDF • 1.06MB

When to take: If you are concerned about cow-based dairy. Make your own with an alternative "milk."

Bravo DIY Kit
Download PDF • 540KB

When to take: If you have severe or refractory gut dysbiosis - take one weekly to complement Bravo - or if you are trying to avoid all dairy.

If you are alive! Take one occasionally.

Bravo Edestiny capsules
Download PDF • 1.11MB


Maintaining a good gut is a lifelong pursuit. IMHO, Bravo products are a cut above all others in their formulation for the design and number of unique species they contain.


Weekly Webinar Links: Join us for detailed health information - at no charge. All are welcome.

Monday at noon EST -

Wednesday at 8 pm EST -


Be Bold - Be Brave - Stay Well

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