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Cancer is an Infectious Disease

Drs. Lewis, Carter, and Harshfield discuss the concept that Cancer is an infectious disease.

Dr. Lewis has been studying Cancer for 20 years. He has published several peer-reviewed papers on this topic. He has also presented this data at functional doctor conferences dating back 10 years.

Please consider watching this pre-recorded webinar on the topic. We quote doctors from all over the world that explain Cancer is all about your immune strength - just like in COVID.

This is a message of hope for Cancer sufferers and those concerned about their cancer risk. Is the tumor the disease. No. The tumor or other hyper-proliferating tissue is the symptom or manifestation of an underlying process. This process is both measurable and modifiable.

Unsure about this statement? Listen to this short video from a researcher at Dana Faber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School. The doctor discusses the neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio. He states that those with high "NLR" have much poor outcomes compared to those with lower "NLR."

Importantly, those who LOWER their NLR have better outcomes. How would you like to take control of your health and your Cancer risk?

Dana Faber video link:

Here is our video, produced as part of the Chronic Disease Support program - on Cancer is and Infectious Disease:

For those of you recently coming to us from Dr. Mercola, here is our video on spike protein biomarkers that many of you have ordered.


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