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hi Dr. Lewis - thank you so much for sharing this post, I found it to be a good supplement to the information from my diagnosis. I forwarded it to my parents and they found it helpful too.

My antibiotics and peptide supplement recommended by Inge are on the way and will start arriving Wednesday. Ryan from Dr. Hack's office reached out today and we have a call next week scheduled to discuss how brain optimization could be part of this treatment. This Friday, I have an appointment with my psychiatrist where the plan is to discuss drug interactions and tapering off a ssri as I'm on antibiotics so I could start methylene blue in a month or two (I'm listening to Dr. Mercola's podcast now). I'm also planning to be back on cod liver oil by the end of this week too.

Coincidently, last week two colleagues recommended I put aside everything else I was already watching and start HBO's "The Last Of Us." I've been avoiding it for reasons that quickly become obvious if you start watching the show. It's not a documentary (thank goodness) but it is some of the most exciting and cool health-related entertainment I've seen in a long time.

Thank you again, your diagnosis is a huge piece of bringing my health where I want it to be, and to say that I have gratitude is a huge understatement.


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