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Coronavirus: Breaking News - Why Ventilators Are Failing Many?

Simply put - but VERY Important:

  • Is COVID-19 a lung disease that causes blood problems (SARS)


  • A blood disease that causes lung problems?

The distinction could save your life if you become ill and hospitalized for COVID-19.

The current treatment is for SARS - a lung disease. If it is actually a blood disease, then the treatment protocol should be different - for hospitalized patients. Regardless, avoidance and building your best immune system remain top priorities.

If you want to learn more, then here are several links to content and videos on this emerging topic.

Science paper on the topic:

Here is a link I was sent, the credibility of which cannot be verified - thus I searched extensively to find bona-fide evidence. But here it is for those who are curious. In a state of uncertainty, it's important to keep and open mind and "trust but verify."


If you don't have access to testing, your next best action is to take any of these surveys:

Free 10 minute COVID-19 consults are now available. Write to me at and provide your phone number. I cannot go beyond 10 minutes however.


Stay Well

Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D.

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