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Drum Roll Please....

Announcing a new program to help you avoid or reverse chronic conditions. See the link below

Allow me to explain....

This new program is designed to allow you to, economically, stay in touch and ensure you don't "fall off - the chronic disease - wagon.

What I've found is that controlling chronic diseases, in those with or WITHOUT symptoms, is about 2 things.

  1. Knowledge - What is behind or may lead to a chronic condition - at the root.

  2. Consistency - Rule of thumb: If a chronic condition took 10 years to develop, it will take (at least) 10 months to reverse.

Many people I work with order our risk assessment (CDA) and blood biomarker panel (CDT) - participate in a consult or two and then go on their way. I assert that our team knows as much about the causes of chronic diseases as any healthcare professional. Thus, we are offering a program that gives you more access to our content and interactively answers your questions and concerns - on a weekly basis - while offering a substantial reduction in costs.

Here's how it works.....

  • Sign up for the program at (chronic disease support). The cost is $10/Mo. I'm offering existing clients and anyone who signs up in July, a 20% discount through promo code "20".

  • Take our CDA risk assessment. If you already took it, take it again in 3-6 months and get a side-by-side report of your changes and improvements at now cost - as part of this program.

  • Participate in weekly, live, and interactive sessions on key topics. We will cover topics most frequently revealed in the risk assessment. We will also go over each lab and explain it in a way that makes you expert at understanding your health. Your lab values are the most important metric for your healthy longevity. Each session will be no more than 30 minutes of information with an additional 30 minutes available to ask specific questions - in a private environment. We will be using Zoom or some other tool that allows for private chat.

  • Everyone participating will receive their own personal health record where you can load up your health information. We will also discuss trends we see in this data - without revealing names.

  • Enjoy great discounts on labs and other services including coaching or consults. Go to the link to see the discounts.

  • Everyone will receive a 15 minute consult with myself or one of our high-level coaches. This consult is designed to better understand your issues and concerns. The topics revealed here will also be addressed in the weekly meetings - again - no names revealed.

These images hopefully explain the need for this program.

Many of us think we are well but we are only "apparently well." That is, something insidious is lurking in too many of us ....

Sorry to be morbid - but I don't want this happening to you.

Who are they? One was the President of the Heart Association.

Most chronic conditions are not well defined in the standard of care as this chart from the Kaiser Peterson Foundation points out.

I do hope you join this program. Consistency is the key to sustainability.


Stay Well

Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D.

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