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FLCCC Slowly Catching Up With Functional Medicine

Dr. Mercola published an article titled,

Latest Additions to Long COVID Recovery Protocol

If you look at the evolution of the recommendations of the FLCCC and other high-profile organizations that have emerged to help people with COVID and the jab, they have slowly been adopting functional medicine protocols.

Now, FLCCC is recommending saunas and photobiomodulation. Unfortunately, these methods are cost-prohibitive to many jab-injured and long-haul sufferers. Dr. Mercola favors Sauna Space, and the minimum cost entry point is around $3,500. Photobiomodulation can be done at home. Dr. Berman of The Quiet Mind Foundation offers a helmet for around $1,000 (don't quote me on the exact price). However, this device is not the whole body and cannot be directed to anything other than the head/brain.

What if I told you there is a way to affect the same benefits of saunas and photomodulation at home for $100?


This is what you do.

This is a pair of halogen shop lights that are staged around a table or bed. In this case, they surround my massage table. The cost of this pair of shop lights is <$100. You can get them at Home Depot, Lowes, or Harbor Freight. I suggest you buy a few before the idiots ban halogen lights!

These lights are very high in intensity, with each bulb putting out 500 watts. This is substantially more than even a $10,000 infrared sauna.

Importantly, the emission of halogen light is very similar to that of sunlight. What do you think is more beneficial to your health? A sauna that puts out a narrow spectrum of red and infrared light or something that simulates sunlight. I don't know about you, but my ancestors evolved under sunlight, not a narrow band of light!

Also, the light used in photobiomodulation is also of low intensity compared to these halogen lights. Importantly, you can adjust the intensity by moving the lights closer or further away from your body. They come with 500-watt bulbs, but you can buy 100- and 250-watt bulbs.

I generally stay under the lights for 30 minutes, then flip over to "roast" all of my body. I keep the lights close to get uncomfortably hot, and my skin turns red. At around minute 5, the heat is almost too much, but my body adjusts, and by minute 10, I'm comfortable with the high heat and light intensity. I have increased my core body temperature by 3.5F in 30 minutes as measured with a mercury thermometer. I doubt these sauna systems can do the same. So I am getting 3 benefits - not just 2.

  1. Sauna effect - sweating

  2. Photobiomodulation

  3. Hyperthermia (simulating an infection-reducing fever)


This is the science.

  1. Conductive heating versus molecular heating. A sauna generally works by heating the air or adding moisture. The hot air and water heat you from the outside, and then the warmth slowly spreads from the outside to the inside. However, with the very intense lights of halogen lights, you are heated through light/molecule interaction as deeply as the light penetrates into your body. The higher the light intensity, the deeper the penetration and heating. This is especially true for near-infrared light that isn't blocked by the skin.

Moisture in saunas increases the heat capacity of the atmosphere - but it still does not heat you internally as does the NIR light.

"Air has a heat capacity of about 700 Joules per kg per °K and a density of just 1.2 kg/m3, ... — a tiny fraction of the thermal energy stored in the water."

"For water vapor at room temperature and pressure, specific heat capacity (Cp) is approximately 1,900 J/kg°C."

Thus, increasing the air humidity in your sauna can increase available heat by about 270%. However, this is still external (conductive) heating and pales compared to the molecular heating energy provided by intense infrared lights.

Read below for an explanation.

Temperature is simply the average rate of motion of molecules. Infrared light creates motion. That is why you feel warm when sunlight hits your skin.

2. Deep penetration of high-intensity infrared light.

Your skin tans because blue light only penetrates into the epidermis, which is the most superficial layer of the skin and provides the first barrier of protection from the invasion of substances into the body.

Your body warms because the NIR penetrates deeply into tissue. And, the stronger the light, the deeper the penetration.

Temperature is motion. In fact, temperature is defined as the average kinetic energy of the molecules. For example, why does water evaporate? Some water molecules have more energy (motion) than others and can escape. Think of a bell curve. That reflects the energy distribution of the various water molecules in a glass. This image shows how infrared light creates warmth. The light interacts with the molecule, causing bonds to bend, stretch, and "wag." An increase in temperature reflects this motion.

Mercola shows this diagram of the Sun's light output.

Halogen light very closely matches the output of the sun.

As you can see, the halogen lights offer more NIR light than the sun. More NIR, more heating!

The interaction of skin and UV light produces vitamin D. Therefore, I removed the glass plate on the halogen shop lights. Glass attenuates the UV light. I want all the glory of sunlight, to the extent possible, with an artificial source.


Halogen vs incandescent lights

Dr. Mercola is a big advocate of Sauna Space because they use incandescent light bulbs. He states,

As you can see from this image, the halogen lights win concerning NIR light. Importantly, can you purchase a 500-watt incandescent light? Can you buy why that focuses the light as does the halogen shop lights? The halogen shop lights are a win-win-win-win.

Win 1: Light intensity.

Win 2: Directional focus as provided by the lamp design

Win 3: Equivalent or better red and near-infrared intensity

Win 4: Ready to be used by their design, including telescoping stand and low cost.

I'm a thrifty Yankee. You don't have to spend a fortune to get an important how healing and detoxification system.


The halogen shop light allows you to do the following home treatments at an extraordinarily low cost.

  1. Sauna simulation - but better because of the higher light intensity.

  2. Photobiomodulation - but better because of the higher light intensity.

  3. Hyperthermia - not readily available at home. Due to the halogen lights' intensity, you will be able to create a higher internal temperature compared to the commercially available sauna systems. Please prove me wrong by measuring your internal temperature.


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Be Bold - Be Brave - Stay Well


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Looks like your underwear and socks are on the couch! Are you sunbathing naked? 😎 Seriously, you are a very creative scientist! It looks to me like it compares quite well to the sauna. I cannot believe those lights are only $100. They look way more expensive than that. Heck, you could make them look sexy so the wife would be more receptive, and sell them for 3x as much.


This may be my favorite post! Any idea what the Vit. D production might be?

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