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Free Speech Rally - NOW

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It was a beautiful, sunny, and 50 in front of the Supreme Court. Some of us could not make it to the webinar today at noon. We rallied and supported a crucial day in the history of our freedom. The rally ended at 1:24. The impacted speaker of the day was Del Bigtree. He mentioned around 5% died from the flu and around 3% died from COVID! This is worldwide and our country was turned upside down for no valid reason at all. Nobody could prove the science behind the mask, the distancing, the stay-in-you-home mandate, etc. Jobs lost, lives lost, families destroyed, kids destroyed, etc. all because of one idiot who should be in jail.


Thank you so much for this link from the bottom of my heart. I had no idea this was happening this Monday sunny, chilly morning in front of the Supreme Court. This is happening NOW folks and many good speakers are coming up today. Wait until the meetings from inside are done with and hopefully, all hell doesn't break loose. Standing up for our freedoms and having the right to stand up and express ourselves without being jailed is what we need to strive for. WE NEED OUR FREEDOM BACK! Please tune in using the gracious link above that Dr. Lewis has provided. Join Tom and I right now in front of the Supreme Court. Hope to see you!

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