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Get 2 for 1 !!

Thank you A.W. for making me aware of this video.

Ivermectin (stromectol) is an anti-parasitic. Dr. Trempe told me 15 years ago that about 25% of Americans have gut parasites and don't know it. Those that are considered benign are still robbing you of nutrients.

Thus, per Dr. T's instruction, he prescribed Ivermectin for me and 3 other family members. As Dr. T predicted, one of us passed worms - my then 19 yo daughter. More of us might have passed worms if we have the courage to LOOK!

Recently I was looking an anti-parasitics because it's overlooked problem in the whole gut integrity issue. Jay Davidson, Justin Marchegiani, and Dietrich Klinghardt are among the few discussing this.

While re-evaluating Ivermectin, I found several papers discussing its anti-viral activities and use in COVID 19. Then A.W. sent me an email with reference to Dr. Thomas Borody, the GI doctor from Australia on the "crapsule" and Openbiome projects among others. I have tremendous respect for Dr. Borody.

Here is a video worth watching. Yes, there are natural anti-parasitics but most of the functional supplements are best for prevention. When you have more advanced conditions, specific, tactical pharmaceuticals usually outperform.

The video...

The website.....


My recommendations:

  • Continue to work on all aspects of gut health

  • Follow the recommendations of the 3 pros listed above. Dr. Carter and I will do a CDS presentation on parasites in the near future

  • Take Ivermectin - following the recommended dosing for parasites

  • Listen to Dr. Borody and consider following his advice for prevention or treatment

You can ask your doctor for a script or go to an "outside" source for it.....


It's not too late to join this program. I'll send any newbies a link to past presentations....

Stay Well

Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D.

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