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H. Pylori - Urgency - Test Going Away

Our blood test for H. pylori is going away starting October 2, 2023. If you are interested in this testing, you must get to a Labcorp collection facility with an order in hand before this date.

They have several justifications for removing this test, but the real one is disappearing reimbursement for the test.

They state that the antibodies stay elevated after the resolution of the infection. However, HOW DOES IT RESOLVE? ON IT'S OWN?

We have bone fide proof that treatment lowers the antibody level, and people who are successfully treated acknowledge improvement in gut-related issues (diarrhea, GERD, constipation, bloating, etc.) In addition, we often see an improvement in lab markers, especially the ESR measurement.

Note - the supplement program does not always lead to a reduction in the antibody levels. That is why we have four (4) levels of treatment suggestions.

Note - more expensive, less accurate, and inconvenient testing will still be available. The breath test and the stool test (yuck!).


Detecting and reducing (never eliminating) H. pylori is critical to health. It impacts your gut in many ways, making you susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 and other infections. You are what you ABSORB, and H. pylori impact absorption. It does this by reducing stomach acid and microbiome quantity and diversity.


What to do? Here are two options - If you are not testing, you are guessing, and ensuring H. pylori is minimized is THE critical first step to optimal repair and recovery processes.

Option 1: Get your H. pylori test before October 2, 2023. We will discuss this result during your next consult. We will not discuss the result with you at this time, but you will have the data. $40.00

Option 2: Same as option 1 above, but you can schedule a 15-minute consult to discuss the result and get action plans. $140.00

Contact Jodi


Evidence Labcorp is wrong, and this test is essential:

"The superior sensitivity and negative predictive value in our population support its use as a noninvasive test to rule out H pylori infection. Reflexive testing with positive serology followed by either stool antigen or urea breath test may optimize diagnostic accuracy in low-prevalence populations."

"Helicobacter pylori infection is common, with serologic prevalence exceeding 50% worldwide.1 However, there is considerable variation by location, for example, with prevalence of approximately 35% in the United States but as high as 88% in Nigeria.1 Within the United States, the prevalence of H pylori is related to geographic region and ethnicity, among other factors.1,2 Infection with H pylori is associated with gastric ulcers, adverse outcomes in bariatric surgery patients, and neoplasia including adenocarcinoma and gastric marginal zone lymphoma.3 Eradication is effective in preventing malignancy and can reverse nonneoplastic lesions.4-7"

"This study highlights the importance of ongoing assessment of H pylori laboratory test performance at the local and regional level. Selection and interpretation of H pylori testing should be informed by disease prevalence, potential for therapeutic interference, and cost, in addition to published analytical performance studies. Despite multiple guidelines recommending against its use, serology contributes substantially to accurate diagnosis of H pylori infection in our patient population."

Go to the publication link for references:


We are disheartened that this important test is going away. Absorption of nutrients is the single most important "dependent variable" with respect to your health.

You are how well you repair!

In the future, we will continue to recommend treatments for H. pylori. However, without this test, establishing effectiveness will become:

  • more expensive,

  • less convenient, and

  • less accurate

I encourage everyone - even those without obvious gut symptoms, to get this test before it is gone.


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