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Illogical Fluoridation

Point to Ponder:

  1. The dose of fluoride in water is 1 ppm. Hmm - that's an interestingly convenient number. Could it be science-based?

  2. A 3-pound newborn and a 300-pound football lineman could get the same dose! The dose makes the poison.

  3. "Most of the fluorine compounds used to fluoridate water systems in the U.S. are obtained from phosphorite rock." - CDC (but is that the whole story?).

  4. Fluoride is naturally occurring and is found in phosphorite rock, but the "rest of the story" is this rock is used in Aluminum production, and it is the fluoride waste product of this process that is used in our water supply.

Key statements from the "Untold Story."

"Although topical fluoride is still being widely used as a preventive measure for dental caries, systemic administration of the same has gained major criticism worldwide due to the low margin of safety of fluoride and no control over the amount of individual intake when administered on a community level. This problem is more prevalent in countries with the presence of natural fluoride belts that extend from Turkey to China and Japan through Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, increasing the chances of both dental and skeletal fluorosis and hence increasing the focus toward defluoridation."



Fluoride lethality:

Most disturbing, however, is the fact that even bubble gum and fruit-flavored toothpastes for children contain sufficient amounts of fluoride to kill a child. Indeed, as shown in the following table, an average-weighing 2-year-old child could die from ingesting just 40% of a “Colgate for Kids” bubble-gum flavored toothpaste.

Simple solution: Tell your 2 yo not to swallow it!


Fluoride Neurotoxicity:


if fluoride is so important, why not encourage the consumption of fluoride-containing foods? Or might we upset private equity firms who have invested in "corporate" foods?

Food Sources

Trace amounts of fluoride are found naturally in various foods, though people obtain most fluoride from fluoridated water and toothpaste. Brewed black tea and coffee naturally contain fluoride as the plants absorb the mineral in the soil. Shellfish may contain fluoride that collects in their shells and muscles.

  • Brewed black tea and coffee

  • Fluoridated water

  • Canned shellfish like shrimp and blue crab

  • Oatmeal

  • Raisins

  • Potatoes

Oh oh! I'm baking potatoes as we speak. Maybe I can invite Fauci over for lunch.


Here is a section from my book, "Health Freedom Lost," on fluoride.

Health Freedom Book - Fluoride Chapter
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