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Learning From a Patient

A gentleman from the "show me" State showing us all how to solve health problems.

This is from his session note:

"I discovered I had a nut allergy and lost several pounds since avoiding nuts.

My hip was inflamed and was having trouble walking. I did a 3-day fast and things got better.

Then I slowly introduced foods back in and discovered nuts were the issue. Will a food allergy test show nut allergy?

I was eating mixed nuts without peanuts. Even nuts that I wasn't eating normally - that is nuts not in my usual mixed nuts product (a good quality mixed nuts without peanuts) - still caused a reaction in my hip. This was the case with pistachios."

I intend to do a food allergy test to determine if nuts show up as offensive.

What this patient did was a classic elimination program followed by careful reintroduction of foods - with focus on "usual suspect" allergens. This is a great example of a low cost (actually cost savings, because he fasted) approach to solve unresolved health problems.

We can all learn from this example. Elimination processes usually take more time. We suggest you eliminate a food suspect for 6 weeks to really know if it is causal. However, in this case, the hip was a quick barometer for the allergic reaction. This type of cause/effect will not always be so obvious. However, to prove food was the cause, the 3-day fast was quite a display of intuition.


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