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Lessons About Health Come From the MOST Unexpected Places!

Labcorp is a very large and prestigious testing lab. ( - Morningstar report). Yesterday we had to change our password to our account and somehow managed to get locked out. What else to do but to call their tech services desk. Here is part of the conversation with Labcorp tech support.

Keep in mind, I received excellent services and problem resolution. I let the person know I was recording the call to make sure I got the information correctly.

MORE importantly, it was a teaching moment about health - including topics we will cover in the chronic disease support weekly webinars. The background noise is NOT from my office - it's coming through from the tech support person's phone.

I promise this link is safe - it is to my google drive.

Listening to the background noise reminded me of several brilliant papers by Dr. Paul Clayton and colleague on the profound health of the mid-Victorian British.

They were poor hard working people yet they lived as long, or longer compared to modern Brits and didn't suffer from the chronic conditions we do in this modern era. In fact, they experience only 1/10th of the slow, insidious degeneration and ill-defined conditions that dominate our populations.

How did they do it? I suggest you read Dr. Clayton's papers to learn more but here is what's clear and apparent from the conversation with the IT tech yesterday:

  1. Exercise and Fresh Air. The tech was clearly moving around while solving my problem.

  2. Our microbiome is of great importance to our health. The soil that supports plant life is the closest thing in nature to our gut environment. Many functional doctors are recommended soil-based organism, and rightly so. When you are outside breathing in the "good" air, you are being exposed to all types of organisms that land in your mouth and are then swallowed into your gut. This help populate your gut with great diversity! This guy was outside....

  3. The rooster means hens, means fresh eggs and meats. I guarantee you that nothing goes to waste in that family meaning EVERYTHING edible is consumed - including the organ meats - as it was in the mid-Victorian era.

  4. Fresh foods mean less processed, low-nutrient foods.


Why great health in that narrow "mid-Victorian" period - 1860 - 1880 +/-? Prior to that period was the great potato famine. After that period, commercial shipping became more prolific, and with it delivery of inexpensive canned (processed) foods - the death knell of good health.