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Lyme Disease

Many unnatural things are derived from the natural world. Why?

It is hard, if not impossible, to patent a natural substance or anything naturally occurring.

"Myriad and its implications for patent protection of isolated natural products in the United States"


Extracts and compounds of natural products have the potential as alternatives to current Western medicines. However, these products may not be patentable under the statutory requirements because of their naturally-occurring nature. This article analyzes the current patenting practices for natural products in the United States, particularly in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling in Myriad. It suggests an advantageous strategy for patenting these products. Briefly, isolated natural products per se are not patentable in the United States. Therefore, the patenting focus should be placed on natural product modification, formulation, manufacture, and application. A detailed invention description is highly recommended for stronger support and broader claims coverage.


Lyme disease...

An article linked below is titled:

"Long Before Suspicions Arose About A Lab Leak, Government Scientists Were Fiddling With Bugs to Make Them More Deadly."

The introduction to this "conspiracy theory" states:

"Decades before the COVID outbreak, when Americans first began hearing of dangerous “gain of function” virus studies, US bioweapons researchers were juicing up bugs to make them more deadly and contagious. Combing through historical military records, writer Kris Newby found evidence that this research may have fueled the rise of patients with Lyme disease—a sometimes chronic condition, with almost half a million new infections every year."

I am not implying that I disagree that ticks have been weaponized with spirochetes. However, IMHO, the major source of "Lyme" disease or syndrome is natural. This applies even if what is documented in the article is completely true.


Allow me to explain.....

More than 15 million root canals are performed every year, according to the American Association of Endodontists.

Here is an example of a very typical chronic disease assessment oral section.

Here is what the oral DNA test looks like in people with root canals - this person in particular.

Td is treponema denticola - a spirochetal infection.

This is the lyme line blot on this person - with 2 abnormal bands but without a "Lyme" diagnosis. OK- no Lyme, but should we ignore positive spirochete bands?

The correspondence in all this data implies the Lyme bands are coming from oral spirochetes.

Not to worry! This only happens when you are 80 or older!


Here is a string between myself and my 36 yo daughter, who had 2 root canals removed:

Daughter: Wasn't a functional or holistic dentist. F-er just yanked that "s" right out.

Me: Did you feel it was done properly?

Daughter: I really have no way of judging... I got shot with novocaine, and this "s" was yanked out of my mouth in less than 3 minutes.

Daughter: Good solid yank!. Yeah, first he grabbed and twisted the f-er and broke it in half.

Daughter: Interesting, though is it smells "f-ing" RANCID. As soon as the doc cracked it, the most God-awful smell resonated from my face. It made me want to vom.

Moral of the story:

Here she is, just a few years into having 2 root canals, and the inside of her tooth is full of infection. The tooth is NOT a perfect vessel - it leaks. You can be sure that this puss-like infection was getting into her system.

She suffers from low-grade chronic fatigue.

Be brave and remove your root canals. Endodontists have weaponized their practices against our health. And regular dentists are complicit.


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