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Medicine VS Chemistry


  • Medicine is a science.

  • Chemistry is a science.

  • Medical education has turned into memorization and regurgitation.

  • Science has fundamental principles and mechanisms that allow educated scientists of all ilk to go beyond what is just taught.

  • Doctors have largely lost this skill.

  • Medicine is NOT like law or history that requires study and regurgitation of what is known.


This short clip came from his interview on education.

This is from 1993 and is even more relevant today.


What is wrong with the phrase, Medicine versus chemistry?

It should be Medicine AND Chemistry!

I often hear directly or through channels that "Lewis is NOT a doctor." Thankfully, Thomas Sowell has given me ammunition to respond swiftly and damningly.

When I hear this in the future, I will respond, "True (sort of), but, more importantly, you are not a chemist.

Translation: You have NOT been trained to extend your inadequate training to solve complex problems.

What does "sort of" mean? I spent 15 years studying under Drs Clement L. Trempe and Kilmer S. McCully, two giants of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

I hope I do not appear to be bitter. I am really trying to address the problem with medicine. Medicine IS a science, but a very complicated one. Just listen to the talk by Dr. Paul Clayton published on our Rumble channel.

Chemistry and science give us tools to go beyond the knowledge of our teachers and mentors. There are fundamental truths that a good doctor / medical scientist can use to solve problems or at least provide insights into why someone is either healthy or ill.

Here are some examples of scientific mechanisms that may be considered to apply only to chemistry and physics but really must be applied to medicine and health.

(I know you may not be inclined to go down this list, so here is the point. Today, we have a medical system that lists 68,000 medical diagnoses. This is an impossible list to know or memorize. It creates confusion and has proven to be a failure with the exception of the bank accounts of hospitals, drug and insurance companies.

Instead, the medical societies should focus on disease mechanisms, all of which are derived from the basic sciences.

If this list looks daunting, it is. However, medical doctors are supposed to be among the smartest in our society, and it is THEIR job to understand and apply these principles - NOT YOURS.

Before you look at this list, here is a simple, practical application of thermodynamics and kinetics in medicine.

  • Excellent and thorough digestion is at the top of the list of most important bodily functions.

  • Your gut is a chemical reactor.

  • Temperature, concentration, stoichiometry, and catalysts impact rates of reaction.

  • Societies that routinely consume warm beverages with their meals outlive those that do not.

Has your doctor ever explained that to you? All the evidence to support the relationship between consuming a warm beverage and longevity is explained in the fundamental science shown below.




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