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Multifunction Cardiogram Technology

Christi Campbell sent me this information on MCG.

I am excited to introduce you to Multifunction Cardiogram technology. The MCG™ is the first early detection cardiac device with true predictive capabilities, identifying underlying conditions often before patients even begin to experience symptoms. Its early detection capabilities give primary care providers critical insight into the functional health of their patients. Below is a brief summary of how it works and the information it provides.

MCG™ technology uses artificial intelligence to evaluate electrocardiographic tracings and produce a real time report of 26 fields of information about the heart. This is a 10-minute resting test. It is completely non-invasive. No stress test, chemicals, dyes, or radiation is required.

MCG™ technology allows us to see things about the heart that we’ve never been able to see before and gives great insight to the functional health of the patient. Here are a few of the diagnostic capability advancements of this device:

  1. Differentiates levels of disease severity with an ischemic burden score of 0-22

  2. Measures multiple cardiac rhythm disturbances

  3. Identifies mitochondrial dysfunction, metabolic disease, congenital abnormalities

  4. Creates greater visibility of unstable plaque related coronary disease

  5. Identifies heart stiffening, before heart failure is a clinical entity

  6. Detects coronary microvascular disease and small vessels changes, critical, especially, to women’s heart health

  7. MCG™ tests have a higher sensitivity and specificity than current modalities

  8. Quickly and easily monitors advancement or regression of disease throughout each patient’s course of treatment (Great for encouraging patient compliance!)

  9. Identifies clinical precursors for development of heart disease years prior to onset

The MCG™ device won the 2017 American Heart Association’s

“Heart Science Forum Innovation Challenge Award”!



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