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No Webinar on Labor Day - But

Since it is about to be Labor Day, here is a video on "labor." More specifically, on optimizing your workouts.

This is a video by Andrew Huberman of Stanford. If you click on the link, it starts you well into the video. However, this part of the talk is the punch line. He explains that you do NOT have to lift heavy weights to achieve health goals. However, whatever weight you choose - 30% or 80% of what you lift - you do have to exert yourself.

IMHO there is no earth shattering revelation in this talk but he does nicely spell out how to achieve specific goals: more muscle, more power, more explosiveness, etc.


Dr. Harshfield will be doing a webinar on Tuesday. See below for the appropriate link.


Just FYI, this is what I will look like on Labor Day after turning a set of pedals 30,000 times over 5+ hours (hopefully closer to 5)

Labor day for sure.


Keep in mind the 5 mechanisms that drive essentially all chronic diseases.

1. Poor micronutrient status from poor diets, behaviors, or poor absorption.

2. Thrive vs survive. In other words, due to stressors, a person become vulnerable to low grade toxicity, inflammation, or infections.

3. Stealth and chronic infections and toxins with infections being the greatest offender.

4. Perpetual low-grade inflammation caused by infections, specific sensitivities, and processed foods.

5. Lack of autophagy due to sedentary lifestyle and constant eating.

On Labor Day, my recommendation for a healthy longevity is to labor all day.


Weekly Webinar Links: Join us for some detailed health information - at not charge. All are welcome.

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Be Bold - Be Brave - Stay Well

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