Oral Care From Experts

Some experts in oral care provide important suggestions on oral care. In some instances, I don't agree with their entire message and leave it to you to determine what works best for you.

In this blog, I'm including suggestions that expand on what I've already published. I hope you find useful information that will lead to improved general health.

I cannot emphasize enough about the importance of the oralDNA testing. So many people in our program have "ill defined" conditions including: chronic pain, lack of energy, glaucoma, and brain fog. When we do analysis of labs, lifestyle, infection, etc., the common denominator very frequently is some type of oral complaint. In many cases, the individual doesn't have significant surface oral problems. Instead, the problems are "deeply rooted" and may evade detection methods at your regular dental checkup and even in a biological dentist evaluation.

My experience with the oralDNA test is it is very sensitive at detecting systemic oral pathogens that evade detection by other means. Cortexyme is worth $$billions for the promise of treating Alzheimer's caused by oral pathogens.

If you have an ill-defined condition and you have had ANY type of oral problem in the past or something on-going as minor as occasional bleeding gums, I suggest you do a google search for the association between your condition and oral bacteria. Here is one such example search for "oral bacteria" and "chronic pain."