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Perception vs Reality - CIA Teachings

Doers like you need an advantage. The CIA trains its operatives to see beyond perceptions and deep into realities. A former CIA operative explains how the fundamental principles of espionage translate well into business and daily life.

CIA Spy: Why You Shouldn't Trust Your Gut! - Andrew Bustamante

Andrew Bustamante is a former covert CIA intelligence officer and US Air Force combat veteran. He is the founder of EverydaySpy, an online education platform that teaches real-world international espionage techniques that can be used in everyday life.

00:00 Intro

02:47 Your Time At The CIA

03:15 What Is The CIA?

 03:57 You've Got It Wrong About Spies

 06:43 Applying Real Spy Skills To Overcome Any Barrier In Our Lives

 08:13 How To Manipulate People

 18:15 The Psychological Profile Of A CIA Agent

 21:13 I Held The Key To Nuclear Missiles

 23:15 It Was A Horrible Job

 25:00 Would You Have You Pressed The Nuclear Button?

 27:18 The CIA Message That Changed My Life

 29:13 The Interview Process For The CIA

 31:31 How Did You Feel When You Received That Letter?

 33:54 Did The CIA Tell You To Cut Off From Your Social Circle?

 34:44 Your Ethnicity Factor To Be Recruited By The CIA

 36:03 Do You Have To Change Your Identity?

 37:14 How Expensive Is To Train A CIA Agent?

 37:21 What's The CIA Training Scheme?

 38:04 Do They Show You How To Kill?

 39:06 How You Teach The Art Of Lying

 41:00 Body Language & Lying

 42:46 Demystifying Lying Signs

 45:44 How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

 47:34 Human Psychology

 50:32 The Essence Of Manipulation

 52:09 How To Find Someone's Ideology To Manipulate Them

 56:12 Have You Changed The Way You Look At The World?

 01:00:01 Perception vs Perceptive

 01:01:59 Leaning Into Objective vs Subjective Feelings

 01:03:25 How To Train Yourself To Apply Rational Objective Perspective

 01:05:54 Your Business Success

 01:09:01 What Is SADRAT?

 01:11:07 Change The Game When Selling Your Products

 01:13:13 What Is Espionage?

 01:14:08 What Is Our Secret Life?

 01:18:16 How To Enter Someone's Secret Life

 01:23:33 How To Apply It To Business

 01:26:19 Adapting To Change Faster Than Your Opponent

 01:29:18 Were There Times Your Life Was At Threat?

 01:31:43 Sexpionage, What Is It?

 01:33:49 Disguise, Did You Ever Do It?

 01:38:44 Do CIA Agents Get Trained To Not Feel Fear & Anxiety?

 01:41:23 How Do They Train You To Slow Down Your Emotional Brain?

 01:47:28 Your Wife & You Leaving The CIA

 01:48:55 America Is Going Through A Hard Period

 01:54:15 What's The Advice For Everyone To Make That Change?

 01:56:27 How Does Your Identity Stop You From Evolving?

 01:57:39 What Is Something You Used To Believe That You No Longer Do?

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Most of us here have taken that next step to improve our health against the narrative. We have taken that next step without fear. Most people will not take that next step. They will wait until someone does it for them. They will be waiting a long time. Taking any step in life is HUGE. It will put you ahead of so many people. You can tell the people who are afraid to take the next step. If you use tactics to get them to divulge their private life, and then have them let you into their secret life, they might start to trust you to take that next step. We do not have CIA training so it might be difficult…

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