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Pharmaconutrition and Diseases of Civilization: drivers and antidotes


  • Our "corporate" and "manufactured" "foods" are too low in nutrients to support good health.

  • It is never one thing. For example, we all need omega-3 fatty acids to support membranes and overall health. However, we need phytonutrients to effect adequate absorption of these substances.

  • The intake of fiber in the developed world is devastatingly low. You are what you ABSORB, and without fiber, your gut and other microbiomes are woefully inadequate to sustain good or optimal health.


Paul Clayton, clinical pharmacologist and pharmaco-nutritionist. Paul is obsessed about food, nutrition, and health, so you don't have to. Unless you want to, that is. Either way, you're welcome to drop in for science updates, analysis, opinions, and advice about diet and health! And debate if you're not into the whole brevity thing. At meetings, people often ask who he is writing for. Much of the material is too simple for the real experts and too tangled for laypeople. He writes for himself. The posts are attempts to make sense of the science for his private pleasure. This neurotic impulse goads him to try to understand the unbearable complexity of life and turn it into a simple and, at some level, comforting narrative.


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