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Safe & Effective - FDA & CDC Data

I am not a conspiracy promoter. Instead, as a scientist, I live in the world of evidence, to the extent possible. Sometimes it is hard to find the absolute truth because everyone has biases that may impact what we are told.

The World Council for Health has performed some deep dives into FDA and CDC data. They attend meetings by these organizations and analyze the data presented by these organizations in what appears to be an objective way. If "vaccinations" were not approved for children, who have very low risk from COVID, I probably would not be guiding you to watch this. However, our authorities have step over a boundary.

Since this presentation is on "safe and effective," my blog explaining safe and effective is included below. But first....

Dr. David Wiseman, PhD, is a recognised expert in the science and business of preventing surgical adhesions. Wiseman is the founder and president of Synechion, Inc., a consulting and development company specialising in products for preventing post-surgical adhesions, and is involved in establishing a support society for patients with surgical adhesions. Widely published, he is co-author of the Handbook of Biodegradable Polymer.

Here is a link to his talk on the World Council for Health website. It is nothing short of 'MUST WATCH" content.


Lewis - Safe and Effective blog

A buzz word we are hearing way too often - and never in proper context - is "Safe and Effective." Why do I say "never in proper context?" Read on...

I am working on the final chapter. It is a solutions-based chapter but also raises the question,

has modern medicine contributed to improving health - or just the opposite?

The sad truth, based on a critical review of the key elements of modern medicine, the net contribution to health is negative. That is not to say many doctors are not doing right by their patients. It is the system that is holding them back. This concept is discussed in detail in my book.


Here is the link to the webinar video on Safe & Effective - EXPOSED


And now for a deep dive into safe and effective.

What follows is what I have included in the final book chapter this morning. As a scientist I always try to work back to what are called "first principles." The definition of this concept is to break down complicated problems into basic elements and then reassemble them from the ground up. In medicine, this would be to look at disease from a root-cause. It is a process of questioning everything - every single assumption that you automatically apply to a belief.

An easy way to practice first principles is to ask yourself a simple question about everything and anything you believe or are told....

"where did I learn that?"

Asking this question will take you on some very interesting journeys.

Here is my journey into safe and effective. I use LDL lowering drugs as a gateway into this discussion.