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Setting Functional Medicine Back 50 Years - Cholesterol


  • Hyman was an early proponent of the COVID Jab.

  • Hyman IS popularizing "cholesterol."

  • Defacto - Hyman is promoting the use of statins.


What you are about to watch/here has major consequences on health and the credibility of all of function medicine as hyman is its face.

65,000 people watched this. How many people are impacted by his statements and those of Papanicolaou?


Let's dissect his statements in the context of what people hear and might do.

"There are concerns about high cholesterol" - Hyman

Lewis: What is "high 'cholesterol?" per Hyman's definition? It does NOT matter because the people listening have been programmed to believe it is > 200.

"But it can spike people's cholesterol," Hyman

Lewis: "Spike" is a nice way to instill fear. Now 65,000 (at least) people are concerned about their cholesterol number. What are they to do?

"It can spike people's cholesterol" - Papanicolaou

Lewis: My opinion about Papanicolaou is expressed at the end of the video.

"Does that mean they need a statin?" - Hyman

Lewis: Ugh - even to mention it is to give it credibility. Papanicolaou said, "Not necessarily," but here is the problem.

The person's "cholesterol" is 240. Now they are worried. Their LDL is 150, HDL is 80, and triglycerides are 50. This is pretty optimal. They engage in lifestyle management to "lower" their "cholesterol." But IT IS ALREADY OPTIMAL - so improving lifestyle will NOT change its value.

Now they are nervous because "Dr. Hyman talked about high cholesterol and a cholesterol spike."


"Cholesterol - It is something I watch closely." Papanicolaou

Lewis: Again, he is making the patient nervous about their "high" (more likely optimal) "cholesterol."

Why? has the $t statin industry gotten to him, too? $1t is $1,000,000,000,000.

Note: "cholesterol" is NOT CHOLESTEROL - it is ldl, hdl, and trigs, thus the quotes.

Myself and many other "real" doctors in the know of disease mechanisms try to help people understand the errors in the "cholesterol" hypothesis. I probably spend 80 hours a year assuaging people's fear. Let's assume there are 10,000 like-minded doctors facing the same type of population (or worse) with cholesterol fear. That means, collectively, we have spent:

10,000 time 80 hours divided by 2000 working hours per year.

This is the equivalent of 400 years of effort to change the narrative.

Hyman wiped out that effort in 10 seconds.

Shame on him - or if he is truly a blithering idiot and you know him, send him my way, and I'm happy to increase my time spent discussing "cholesterol" and statins by another couple of hours.


Index & Upcoming (short) blogs on cholesterol and statins

Number 1: Cholesterol fun (true) facts - completed

Number 2: Is the actual cholesterol molecule important? c - completed

Number 3: What is an optimal TC value? Remember, no one knows their actual cholesterol molecule value. - completed

Number 4: Surprising fact about cholesterol as an antibiotic - completed

Number 5: TC simple math - dumb doctors - completed

Number 6: What is LDL really? - completed

Number 7: Statins - do they lower the cholesterol molecule? - completed

Number 8: What did we learn from the new "biologics" to lower "cholesterol" - completed

Number 9: Niacin and other "cholesterol" management treatments - completed

Number 10: What did Natasha Campbell-McBride say about cholesterol/lipids? - completed

Number 11: What is a QALY, and how does it relate to "cholesterol"? - completed

Number 12: Idiot doctor from Johns Hopkins, Roger Blumenthal - completed

Number 13: Statins cause Alzheimer's and ALS - THEHIGHWIRE - completed

Number 14: Statin drugs CAUSE diabetes - completed

Number 15: The statin merry-go-round to poor cardiovascular outcomes - completed

Number 16: How statins CAUSE heart disease

Number 17: Women and statin drugs

Number 18: If not "cholesterol," then what?

Number 19: Who says statins do NOT extend life?


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