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Dr. Mitchell Proffman, author of the book, "sleep soundly" will be our special guest speaker this Monday and Tuesday (see below for zoom links)


Here is the introduction from his book.

In our fast-paced, culture driven, modern world, we often overlook and do not recognize the need for adequate rest. It is estimated that millions of Americans are not getting the sleep they need. According to the latest statistics, approximately one-third of all Americans have some kind of sleep disorder. That's right- one third, over fifty million people have some kind of sleep problem. Are you one of them? If so, you are not alone. What this book is going to do is provide you with a lot of information about sleep. I’m not suggesting that I have the formula to cure everyone’s insomnia, but it is my belief that if you are reading this book you are having some sleep issues and the information will help. What we are offering is a combined approach: we will be talking, among other things, about the personal, psychological and spiritual dimensions of sleep.

Please note - we have new zoom links for the weekly webinars in 2022. Here they are:

Monday at noon EST -

Tuesday at 8pm EST -


Stay Well

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