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Suspect Supplement Quality

Billy Wease, our favorite functional pharmacist, tells us that most supplements do not have the indicated ingredients or are not at adequate strength. He also reminds us that the top 1400 pharmaceuticals have, on average, over 300 side effects. Stanford publishes pharmaceutical information.

One of the most significant issues with supplements is their private equity or large corporation ownership, where profit often takes precedence over quality. The lack of regulation in the supplement industry further complicates matters. How can consumers be certain they are getting what is advertised? This is a question that needs serious consideration.

Single-substance supplements are probably the safest and have the right ingredients, but excipients and contamination must also be considered.

If anyone is aware of 3rd party testing that we can use to guide supplement choices, please let me know.

Supplements: Here is a good site that shows corporate-owned supplement companies.

Here is the Stanford pharmaceutical information.

Hmmm - this link does not work

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, tests his products. I am not endorsing his but here is a link that explains his testing policy.

Billy Wease is a trusted source for a narrow but important range of supplements.

I searched for supplement testing labs, but I have chosen not to show these links because I cannot validate their processes.

"Corporate" food is likely even worse. Private equity-owned restaurants have profits and not quality as their first priority. Try to frequent locally-owned restaurants. In my area, the parking lots of Texas Roadhouse and "Scratch (my butt) Kitchen" are loaded whereas the locally owned restaurants have few customers and are closing at alarming rates!


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