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Where are you on the 4-Dimensions of health?

The video below explains the 4 dimensions of health. We all reside on 4 health continuums:

  1. Risks - Determinants of Health

  2. Physiology - blood, urine, saliva, stool

  3. Pathology - Tissue changes that precede disease

  4. Disease - Measured by diagnoses and medication usage

Everyone resides somewhere on each continuum.

Importantly, when you change your position on the risks continuum, you most certainly will change your position on the other continuums - for better or worse.

Are you on or have you embarked on a new health program? How do you know if it's working for you? Allowing us to measure your past, current, and future positions on these continuums is the most objective way to determine the value of what you are currently doing.

I hope you find this format but entertaining and informative


Consider making 2020 your year have the proactive vision in your fight for a healthy longevity.



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1 comentario

Scott Edmonds
Scott Edmonds
06 ene 2020

Nice Blog! We eye docs check for 3-D vision but Dr. Tom can check 4-D!!

Me gusta
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