Will MedCram be the Next to be Shut Down?

I consider Dr. Seheult one of the most balanced health professionals and teachers we have.

Here is an excellent video on the importance of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a hormone that activates "macrophages" - your white blood cells.

Certain types of infective agents, specifically "intracellular pathogens" actually cruise around the body INSIDE neutrophils - a type of white blood cell. Image - a disease-causing agent traveling inside the defensive agent of our body. This is worse than a trojan horse!

Here is the link to the video.


My concern stems from the censorship of practicing doctors who are in favor of hydroxychloroquine based on their own patient results. Also, people like Mercola and Del Bigtree are either being sensored or sued for their messages and sales of supplements.

Here are some comments found attached to the Dr. Seheult video.