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Zinc & Viruses

Life and health are about the little things - not just one big thing. Imagine you have a 5 million dollar disease - that is a bad one like COVID-19. You can wait for the FDA, WHO and Gates to develop a vaccine - or you can be proactive.

Keep in mind, this year's flu vaccine was only 50-60% effective against the most common strain of the flu bug - not great odds. I wrote previously about an apparently health Cleveland Clinic doctor who died from the flu this year - tragic indeed - avoidable most likely.

Back to the $5MM disease.

So the vaccine, if like this years flu vaccine, is only a $2.5MM cure.

But since it's all about the little things, consider this. Today I give you 1 penny (ugh - not solving my financial problem!). Consider that 1 penny, one little thing you did to improve your health.

Tomorrow I give you 2 pennies.. Again, no great help.

The next day I give you 4 pennies....

And I double the number of pennies I give you each day for a total of 31 days.

At the end of 31 days, you have $10,600,000! And the "disease" is only a $5,000,000 one. You have enough for a cure.

This explains why healthy people have VERY LOW mortality rates from COVID-19. It's not about the one vaccine, it's about the many things you are doing to be healthy.

"The devil's in the detail" is apropos.

Consider zinc as a nutrient against COVID-19. Indeed the cautious pundits will argue we haven't spent billions on randomized controlled trials to prove it's efficacy. However, we have a century of experience.

Here is a good paper on the topic.... with conclusion provided below.

Potential Role of Zinc Supplementation in Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19

Zinc possess several antiviral effects which are realized through the generating both innate and acquired (humoral) immune responses, facilitation of the normal functioning of innate immune system, stabilization of cell membrane inhibiting the entry of the virus, and inhibition of viral replication through interference with the viral genome transcription, protein translation, polyprotein processing, viral attachment, and uncoating. Multiple antiviral effects of Zn have been demonstrated in a variety of viral species, including several nidoviruses, for which SARS-CoV-2 belongs. It suggests that zinc supplementation may be of benefit for prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19. Considering current absence of effective therapies for this disease, its high contagiosity, frequent life-threatening course, and tremendous negative impact on the affected individuals and healthcare systems worldwide, the presented hypothesis requires urgent testing in humans.

I get my zinc and other important minerals and vitamins through a fairly inexpensive multi offered by Naturelo - and by eating well. I am a member of an organic vegetable farm share run by a gentleman who employs recovering addicts to do the farming. I'm hoping to be a supplier of this supplement because it has a nice balance of high-quality nutrients. I wish you could all join this farm share.....


Stay Well

Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D.

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