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Another Oral Testimonial

Dear Dr Lewis,

I attended your Gum Health hour one Monday, and took the recommendation of ordering the DioxiRinse Mouthwash and brushing my teeth with the salt/baking soda mixture as the gentlemen reported doing.

I have had had gum issues since 2008, and have had more bleeding in the past year I believe due to an infection in a crown that I had removed and am in the implant process. Like the gentleman reporting, I too have had mostly 3’s and 4’s when they measure my gum line.

In a remarkably short time — I see the dental hygienist every 4 months — my gums have stopped bleeding and when I saw my hygienist 2 weeks ago my gums measured 2’s and one 4.

I did not use the iodine.

This needs to be better known!! It has been remarkable. Now if you have any suggestions for two cavities I’m getting in the roots of 2 front teeth I’ll be all set. The dentist wants me to use prescription fluoride toothpaste. That doesn’t sound too good to me.

Thanks for saving my gums!


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