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Black Friday Health

We have launched our "new and improved" website.

We are grateful and thankful for all our customers, clients, and friends we have gained over the past 2 decades. Our goal is to continue promoting and improving the health of everyone we serve. We are also working diligently behind the scenes to restructure a health delivery system - a parallel system.

Most people are stuck with the standard-of-care. Who wants care?

Instead, we are distributing the standard-of-health. We all strive for good health. (At least, I hope all!)

I will go into the elements paramount to the new, parallel, or complementary system. We are fighting the single largest industry on the planet - health insurance and all its trappings.


To get everyone familiarized with our new website, we, too, are being tacky by offering a "Black Friday" promotion (ugh - not my style - but timing is everything).

You can order ANYTHING on our new home page and receive a 15% discount using code


Navigate to to see our new site and consider choosing a program.

All orders are good for 4 months, but the deal is only lasts 4 days.

Our new home page:


If you like the new site - thank Jodi.

If you do NOT like the new site - thank me.

Either way, your comments and suggestions are welcome.

You can use this link to send us a message:


Weekly Webinar Links: Join us for detailed health information - at no charge. All are welcome.

Monday at noon EST -

Wednesday at 8 pm EST -


Be Bold - Be Brave - Stay Well


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