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Cancer is an Inflammatory & Infectious Disease

I will be on another Jonathan Otto series, this time with the topic being cancer. I am assembling some information to support an overlooked cause of cancer. Dr. Carter and I wrote a book on cancer for those interested in further reading; I would appreciate a donation if you download the book because we put a substantial effort into creating the manuscript.


  1. Cancer is NOT a unique chronic disease

  2. Despite Nobel Prizes, cancer does NOT evade our immune system. It can overwhelm it, as is the case of any infection.

  3. Early detection depends upon using science-based reference ranges for labs - not the absurd values published by the standard of care.

  4. Cancer IS an infectious disease - but not JUST an infectious disease.

  5. The yin and yang of cancer is the same as the "ages old" discussion about "terrain" and "germs."


Here is literature supporting standard biomarkers as predictive in cancer. Notably, many of these markers point to bona fide interventions - not slash, burn, and poison.

Conclusions: Low cholesterol was related to high mortality even after excluding deaths due to liver disease from the analysis. High cholesterol was not a risk factor for mortality.



How basic! CRP and White Blood Cell Counts!

What raises inflammation and innate immune response? I hope you know by now.





Here is a list of cancer biomarkers. It is not by strength of predictive power. It is sorted based on the specificity of the marker for cancer of cancers. For example, CRP is reported as 5.6% because this marker is more associated with inflammation and heart disease.


IMHO, the NLR and ferritin to iron ratios are the best diagnostic markers for cancer, with CRP a close 3rd.


Example labs for a stage 4 metastatic breast cancer patient.


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16. März

A good Substack article by Robert Yoho, M.D. (retired) regarding surpressed alternative cancer treatments [with an attached YouTube video (~5 hrs.) worthy of viewing].

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