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Cancer treatment: iodine & antiparasitics with Kathleen Ruddy MD and Stefan Hartmann PA

"It's almost hard to believe that Dr. Ruddy, a breast cancer surgeon, exists IRL when she says stuff like “Mammogram doesn’t prevent cancer." Her point is that they only might identify cancer but don't prevent cancer. However, these screening modalities are misrepresented to the public as cancer-preventive.

I have always felt this way about these screenings, but I was never taught anything about prevention. Even last week, when I attended an "Update on Breast Cancer Prevention" lecture by two breast cancer surgeons, it was the same stuff I learned in school. There is no mention of iodine or selenium or even something esoteric like the Mouse Mammary Virus Tumor, which was the basis for a book Dr. Ruddy wrote.

If you follow my IG page you will find that I've been talking a lot about iodine for breast cancer awareness month. I still see people posting pink ribbons without mentioning iodine, so I must continue my educational program."


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