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"Cholesterol" Full Summary - 24


  • Cholesterol is EVIL - so why do ALL mammals have so much in their brains?

  • What other substance that your body produces kills you?

  • If statins are so effective, why are cardiovascular diseases on the RISE?


Is your goal to live a long, healthy life? If so, match your "cholesterol" value to the chart below and determine your likelihood of achieving that goal.

If your "total cholesterol" is 230 mg/dL, If not, get off "cholesterol" lowering drugs or increase cholesterol and fat intake.


From my book, "Health Freedom Lost."

Cholesterol is Essential to the Function of ALL Cells


Every cell membrane of every cell type in our body is composed of a phospholipid bilayer. This structure is key to both the integrity and function of our cells. Cholesterol is arguably the most important lipid in cell membranes. Every doctor does or did know the importance of cholesterol, yet it is and continues to be the most demonized of all human physiological substances. The cholesterol-lowering industry has eclipsed $1 trillion in revenues. That is just the "tip of the iceberg," as these drugs cause or exacerbate the most prolific diseases we face today.

  • The cholesterol misinformation campaign is one of many that prepared our society to accept something as insidiously dangerous as the unproven and untested COVID "vaccines."

  • Fight back and tell your doctor NEVER to use the word "cholesterol." Instead, force them to use the term low-density lipoprotein or LDL. Cholesterol is NOT what is being treated. We must not accept the infiltration of any disinformation.

  • Demand your right to INFORMED CONSENT. If your doctor cannot produce information on how a drug works and what the risks / benefits are, FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR.

The cholesterol paradigm has enslaved us. Citizens are enslaved, and doctors are coerced. Doctors are not to blame in many cases. They are required to follow the standard of care. A healthcare professional's deviation from the "standard of care" can lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit. Also, doctors are rated based on their execution of the standard of care. Not prescribing drugs that are part of the standard of care will sometimes lead to bad scores.

However, doctors must take some risks to help their patients. How many of you with elevated "cholesterol" who have resisted statin (cholesterol) treatment have been chided by your doctor?

"Don't you want to protect your heart?"

"What are your children going to do when you are gone?"

These are actual statements by doctors to patients. This must stop in the face of new (and old) information on the true value of statin drugs.

Here is a link to the pdf version of the full "cholesterol" chapter.

COVID BOOK - Volume 1 - chapter 5 wix
Download PDF • 1.42MB


Index & Upcoming (short) blogs on cholesterol and statins

Number 1: Cholesterol fun (true) facts - completed

Number 2: Is the actual cholesterol molecule important? c - completed

Number 3: What is an optimal TC value? Remember, no one knows their actual cholesterol molecule value. - completed

Number 4: Surprising fact about cholesterol as an antibiotic - completed

Number 5: TC simple math - dumb doctors - completed

Number 6: What is LDL really? - completed

Number 7: Statins - do they lower the cholesterol molecule? - completed

Number 8: What did we learn from the new "biologics" to lower "cholesterol" - completed

Number 9: Niacin and other "cholesterol" management treatments - completed

Number 10: What did Natasha Campbell-McBride say about cholesterol/lipids? - completed

Number 11: What is a QALY, and how does it relate to "cholesterol"? - completed

Number 12: Idiot doctor from Johns Hopkins, Roger Blumenthal - completed

Number 13: Statins cause Alzheimer's and ALS - THEHIGHWIRE - completed

Number 14: Statin drugs CAUSE diabetes - completed

Number 15: The statin merry-go-round to poor cardiovascular outcomes - completed

Number 16: How statins CAUSE heart disease - completed

Number 17: How statins CAUSE heart disease - part 2 - completed

Number 18: Women and statin drugs - completed

Number 19: If not "cholesterol," then what? - completed

Number 20: If not "cholesterol," then what? - part 2 - completed

Number 21: Statins and erectile dysfunction - completed

Number 22: Who says statins do NOT extend life? - completed

Number 23: Statins cause strokes.

Number 24: Statins & Cholesterol Summary


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I proposed a Total Cholesterol question in the last blog. Looks like this blog answered my question. My Total Cholesterol = 193 + 67 + 15 = 275. How high is too high? Well, according to this chart… my risk of dying prematurely is the same as if my cholesterol was a 100 points lower. The goal is to be near the lower 200s to allow all cells to function at top performance.

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