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Clotting & Hypoxia - Dr. Cowden

The white rubbery clots taken by morticians out of the leg veins of people who died suddenly after a COVID injection are at least 50% amyloid clot and about 50% fibrin.  

The clots are forming not only in the arteries and veins (causing MIs, strokes, Pulm. Emboli.) but also in the walls of the capillaries, which DRAMATICALLY reduce the amount of oxygen that can diffuse across the capillary walls into the tissues.

None of the pharmaceutical clot drugs will digest amyloid clots but CAN digest the fibrin in the clot.

The intrinsic clot-dissolvers that the human body can make (pancreatic trypsin, heparin, tissue-plasmnogen-activator...) WILL digest fibrin clots but WILL NOT digest amyloid clots.

Lumbrokinase, nattokinase, serrapeptase & bromelain WILL digest both fibrin clot AND amyloid clots if taken orally with only water 30+ minutes BEFORE food (and several hours after the previous food). 

Dr. Lee Cowden


Here is my post on Hypoxia...

If your energy is low - particularly after COVID or the jab, get an oxygen saturation meter. Help us help you by providing some easily obtained information.

Clues your oxygen saturation is low are provided by walking upstairs or up a hill. If you are "starving for breath," your oxygen saturation is likely low. But testing will confirm.

Oxygen deficiency is an electron deficiency. Thus, proper treatment supports your mitochondria and the "electron transport chain." Two pathways are important.

  1. boosting components of the electron transport chain.

  2. Reducing or eliminating things that "steal" electrons. Pathogens are the main culprit.


Key point of this blog: Nitric Oxide boosting supplements are not often specified in jab/spike-related treatments - but should be.

And do NOT underestimate the value of beets. We have data that show nitric oxide levels elevate when consuming beets. And, the elevation is equivalent to expensive supplements.

Beet juice may boost stamina to help you exercise longer, improve blood flow, and help lower blood pressure, some research shows. Why? Beets are rich in natural chemicals called nitrates. Through a chain reaction, your body changes nitrates into nitric oxide, which helps with blood flow and blood pressure. (WebMD)

Due to the high content of bioactive substances, beetroot and its preserves might be a valuable constituent of a diet. Research into the antioxidant capacity and content of nitrate (III) and (V) in beetroot-based dietary supplements (DSs) worldwide is limited.

The Folin–Ciocalteu method, CUPRAC, DPPH, and Griess methods were used to determine total antioxidant capacity, total phenolic content, nitrites, and nitrates content in fifty DSs and twenty beetroot samples. Moreover, the safety of products was evaluated because of the concentration of nitrites, nitrates and the correctness of labelling.

The research showed that a serving of fresh beetroot provides significantly more antioxidants, nitrites, and nitrates than most daily portions of DSs.


In addition to the oxygen saturation test, lab biomarkers also provide insight into causes of low energy and low oxygen levels. These include:

  • ESR - an indirect measure of the electrical potential of cells. High ESR means low electrical potential. This usually means your mitochondria are not working to full capacity.

  • CRP - a measure of systemic inflammation.

  • The iron and ferritin combination. If your iron levels are low and ferritin is high, you have "anemia of chronic disease," which is really anemic of chronic inflammation. I wrote about this in a blog previously.

Here are example labs that show low iron and high ferritin. Case 1. was me during COVID delta, where I was bedridden with exceeding low energy. Iron should be about 100 and ferritin, also 100.

Case 1:

Case 2: A cancer patient on oxygen:


Our solutions currently include:

  • substances that support the production of nitric oxide

  • substances that reduce viral and bacterial burdens

  • substances that block the spike protein

  • protocols that enhance innate and adaptive immunity

I have published several blogs on key treatments for infectious species and "turbo cancer." The information in those blogs are highlighted here.

Pharmaceuticals: These include, but are not limited to, doxycycline, minocycline, clarithromycin, and anti-coagulants (the Vaughn protocol). Indeed, these are aggressive treatments compared to supplements or high-nutrient-density foods. However, an aggressive approach is appropriate when you are struggling with fatigue, and your oxygen saturation is low.

Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are safe and effective pharmaceuticals that may be used in combination with antibiotics.

Anti-clotting / spike treatment: Nattokinase, serratiopeptidase, lumbrokinase, bromelain, and the pharma drugs (ugh).

Methylene Blue as a redox agent. We have had "jabbed" people "herx" on methylene blue. I prefer Inga's liposomal "under the tongue" compounded methylene blue.

Infusions: Vitamin C and Glutathione (inga is my go-to for this - in Asheville, NC - 704.258.8525)

Blood irradiation and filtering (Inga)

I know this is not comprehensive: React-19, FLCCC, and the World Council for Health have dauntingly extensive protocols. I am covering what I use routinely.


Dr. Nathan Bryan on Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide therapy offers support to people suffering from low oxygen saturation. Here are links to his 2 webinars on our channel on this topic.


His innovation over the competition is making nitrates and nitrites available.

Dr. Carter has a discount program to get Dr. Bryan's supplement.

Coupon Code - drcarter - 10 % discount


Dr. McCullough forwarded this paper to me regarding hypoxia.

"This critical appraisal is focused on three published case series of a total of 119 COVID-19 patients with hypoxemia who were successfully treated in the United States, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria with similar off-label multidrug treatments that may include ivermectin, nanosilver, doxycycline, zinc, and vitamins C and D, resulting in rapid recovery of oxygen levels."

Ivermectin: anti-parasitic and anti-viral

Nanosilver: anti-pathogenic

Doxycycline: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory (see my blog on doxycycline_

Zinc: antiviral (should be taken in combination with hydroxychloroquine or quercetin)

Vitamins C & D: - (should do the Brownstein Protocol instead, which adds iodine, selenium, and vitamin A)

Nicotine must also be considered based on the comprehensive studies of Dr. Ardis.

The point of this blog is the consideration of nitric oxide enhancement therapy in fatigue/hypoxia syndromes.

IF YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM LONG-HAUL - GET AN OXYGEN METER. This inexpensive device will provide great insight into the efficacy of treatments.


Index & Upcoming (short) blogs on cholesterol and statins

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Number 14: Who says statins do NOT extend life?


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