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Coffee, Thyroid Meds, HOCl, and Stem Cells.....

Here is on blog covering a few different topics.

Topic 1. Do NOT take food, or even coffee, with your thyroid medication(s):

Topic 2. DO use hypochlorous acid as a safe and effective (not the Fauci definition) cleaner.

Topic 3. Stem cell therapy for eyes?

"Using stem cells, doctors restored vision to people with devastating eye injuries, NBC News. As is often the case, the headline here is a problem in that it implies things are much further along than they really are, but there is some concrete hope from this work.

Here’s the original research article on a small Phase 1 study in Science Advances: Cultivated autologous limbal epithelial cell (CALEC) transplantation: Development of manufacturing process and clinical evaluation of feasibility and safety.

The team is working on developing a cell therapy treatment for a common cause of vision loss, limbal stem cell (LSC) deficiency, starting with autologous limbal epithelial cells. It’s too soon to know from this small safety study whether limbal cell therapy might be effective for this cause of blindness.

Participants have not shown any major adverse events so that’s a big first step. Also, there were hints of possible efficacy in some participants. However, from many years in the cell therapy field I’ve seen so many similar things pop up in early Phase 1 studies only to not hold up later. So, as always, one needs to be somewhat cautious and evaluate more data as they are released."


Wednesday, August 30, 2023,

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