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Denmark Lifts ALL Restrictions

Breaking News:

Iowa Governor Announces End to COVID-19 Emergency Declaration


Dr. John Campbell analyzed COVID incidences and mortality in light of Denmark lifting all restrictions. Interestingly, cases in Denmark are VERY HIGH. So what is driving their decision.

Click on image for video.

This graph, and Dr. Campbell's explanation provides part of Denmark's rationale.

Click on the image to watch his video on natural immunity

You may be scratching your head and thinking, i see a high risk curve but what about those lines close together at the bottom - there is very little difference. That's the point. Watch the video to see how natural immunity is similar in protection to the vaccine. I'm not saying the vaccine is unnecessary. However, with the new strain being less virulent, we may be moving into a phase where it is becoming irrelevant.

We must protect those at high risk. That's where the Dr. McCullough's and others 4 pillars of treatment comes in. This is a bit old and I'm sure subject to update based on the changing strains of SARS. However, this group is NOT against vaccination - they are in favor of a tactical approach based on risk.

As Dr. Campbell showed in a video I posted recently, the average age of death from COVID alone in the UK is 82 - higher than the life expectancy of the population.

Click on image for the protocol.

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