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Focal Infection - Charles Mayo

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Are you aware that the costly chronic disease is NOT heart disease or cancer? Instead, the most costly of all diseases is "ill defined." This is according to the Kaiser Peterson network that is expert at analyzing healthcare in America.

Sixty percent of Americans have at least one chronic condition. And, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), an organization that studies the 36 most developed global nations, Americans spend 2.5 times more on healthcare compared to the other developed nations, yet we live 2.5 years less.

Interpretation: The more we spend on healthcare, the shorter our life - a bad deal


Charles Mayo, the founder of the Mayo Clinic, brought a profound understanding to ill-defined conditions way back in 1922. He published a paper titled, "Focal Infection of Dental Origin."

Be aware that focal infection is NOT just of dental origin. At health revival partners we endeavor to uncover the root-causes of "ill-defined" conditions and one area of our focus is dental and other infections which will be the subject of a future blog.


Here is an excerpt from an article explaining Dr. Mayo's work in this space.

Dr. Charles Mayo, founder of the famous Mayo Clinic, believed in the “focal infection” theory of disease, something so archaic that today almost no one has heard of it. The theory basically states that an oral infection can influence the health of the entire body. Addressing the Chicago Dental Society in 1913 Mayo said, “The next great step in preventative medicine must come from the dentists.”

Mayo appointed Dr. Edward C. Rosenhow to head a team of researchers dedicated to focal infection theory. From 1902 to 1958, Rosenhow conducted experiments and published more than 300 papers, 38 of which appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association. During the same period, Weston A. Price, founder of the research institute of the National Dental Association, published his findings indicating that dental and oral infections were often the primary cause of disease.

These two medical pioneers established a simple but profound fact. If you pull an infected tooth, the patient will often recover from disease—serious disease, from chronic fatigue to cancer, from dermatitis to diabetes, from hemorrhoids to heart disease. Drs. Rosenhow and Price theorized that disease often originated from infections in the mouth that entered the bloodstream and eventually caused major problems in some part of the body. The evidence they amassed and published is staggering, yet the next great step Dr. Mayo hoped for did not come, and their work is largely forgotten today.

The experiments performed by Price and Rosenhow are impressive. Not only did Price pull any infected tooth, but after many years of experience he came to believe that all root-canalled teeth harbor infection and so they also should be pulled. He took root-canalled teeth that he extracted and sewed them under the skin of a rabbit. The rabbit invariably died from the same disease that had plagued the person. If the patients had kidney trouble, the rabbits developed kidney problems; if eye trouble, the rabbits’ eyes became affected; heart trouble, rheumatism, stomach ulcers, bladder infections, ovarian diseases, phlebitis, osteomyelitis, whatever the disease, the rabbits promptly became similarly affected. Dr. Price claimed he never found an exception to this rule.

Dr. Rosenhow was a bacteriologist whose experiments demonstrated elective localization and transmutation. That is, bacteria taken from an infected liver, for example, when injected into another animal, would preferentially infect the second animal’s liver. Similarly, bacteria from the mouths of patients with specific health conditions would produce similar conditions when injected into laboratory animals.



My next blogs will be a continuation of this topic and will include:

  • How focal infection, especially oral-based focal infection, can travel to different parts of your body and create "localized" diseases that Kaiser calls "ill-defined."

  • Better oral care to avoid focal infection and chronic diseases

  • How to measure where you are on the oral health continuum. Many people think their mouth is "focal infection" free when, in fact, it is quite the opposite. These infections can matriculate for years without any symptoms while causing disease elsewhere in your body.

  • Oral health testimonials

  • Update on diseases caused by oral focal infections of which you may not be aware

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Stay Well

Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D.

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