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Food as Medicine

Here is a comprehensive talk on gut health that may provide you with further insights into how to improve your gut and the overarching importance of gut health.


Dr. McCully is my #1 living mentor. He is the pioneer of the homocysteine theory of cardiovascular disease. He was so convinced of this theory that he eschewed the cholesterol hypothesis way back in the 1960s, while at Harvard - and paid a heavy price. Not only did Harvard fire him, but they also black-listed him. Consequently, he had to seek employment outside of Massachusetts.

Twenty years later, Harvard brought him back - knowing full well he was right. You see, Harvard wanted it both ways - cholesterol and homocysteine - just in case.

Here is an article in the New York Times about McCully's return:


Why did I bring up McCully in an article on gut health?

The video I suggest you watch discusses many dietary approaches including veganism. I believe ANY named dietary style has nutritional deficiencies. However, some of these styles may be used tactically to solve a problem. Vegetarian or vegan diets, short term, may be beneficial to your gut and protect against certain diseases. However, long-term, they may be problematic because of a lack of balance.

McCully published a paper on vegetarianism showing how that diet style increases heart disease risk by raising homocysteine levels.

Here is the conclusion to the paper:

The low dietary intake of protein and sulfur amino acids by a plant-eating population leads to subclinical protein malnutrition, explaining the origin of hyperhomocysteinemia and the increased vulnerability of these vegetarian subjects to cardiovascular diseases.


I find the vegan and vegetarian proponents extraordinarily zealous about their approach. I find most of them informative, helpful and, for the most part - factual. However, they are mainly relying on short-term studies.

For a long time now, I have view Michael Greger as an outlier. IMHO has is the master of "evidence biased" reporting. He "cherry-picks" studies, and pieces of studies to justify his cause. I find him no better than the drug companies when it comes to honesty in reporting ALL the findings in a balanced way.

I'm using Greger as an important example of how we all need to be cautious of anyone who is inflexible to a different view. Again, I'm not opposed to a vegan-type diet - at least short term. However, this diet does have nutritional deficiencies that must be supplemented if you intend to maintain that style long-term. And, the number 1 deficiency is in readily available Omega-3 fatty acids that are CRUCIAL to eye and brain health.


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