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If You Don't Test - It's a Guess

I just received the following note of gratitude this morning. It's these types of notes that keep us going against and medical industrial complex that doesn't act like it cares about your health. What we - and most functional doctors - do is risky, not because it is wrong or without "evidence," but the system wants it done their way. Revenue is the main objective which is often incongruent with health.

"Just a quick message of gratitude for Dr Lewis: I went to get the 66 bio marker blood tests this morning and my regular family doctor called me urgently to say that my D-Dimer level was 1.5 and she was worried about Blood clots. So I started on Clexane blood thinner. I was quite surprised as try to keep healthy. If had subscribed to your set of tests I don’t know what would have happened"


Big Data and the "Standard of Care."

Big data in healthcare has been all the rage over the past decade or so. The premise was, AI analysis of health information would bring us into a new age of health assessments and solutions. Then came COVID....

COVID should have been a shining example of the value of big data. The predictive analytics - in theory - could have told us many things we didn't already know. For instance: Who is at most risk, why they are at most risk, and - most importantly - what could be done to reduce the risk.

We could have been provided with a profound message of hope - but instead most of us live in fear, hoping some distancing or an arbitrary piece of cloth will keep us safe. Wrong and Wrong. The only thing that will keep you safe is YOU - and your own good health. The 2nd most important thing is insignificant compared to your own good health.

Back to big data..... We have obtained essentially no value from all the health information collected and analyzed from the big databanks. I have been in a dozen or so meeting with big data gurus who say they have 200,000,000 patient records, 115,000,000, etc. With all that data, where are the recommendations of solutions?

There is nothing wrong with the big data firms. The issue is with the data itself. The labs and information routinely obtained on you have VERY POOR predictive power. These "usual" labs are: chemistry, A1C, and lipids. Not only do they provide a very narrow perspective on your health - some of the results are COMPLETELY MISINTERPRETED. In these cases, you are better off NOT having that information. No information is better compared to wrong information.

As an example, look at my blogs title, "how not to die young."


We endeavor to provide you objective lab measurements and risk assessment information that paints a detailed picture of your health. We use a "wide angle lens" to view your health "story." In addition to looking at a broader set of labs - it's how we interpret your lab values - from a chronic (not acute) perspective. We are looking for smoke before the fire. Our tag line is:


Often I get the question - which panel is right for me? I haven't had the jab so should I take the "spike" panel?

Keep this in mind - there are only so many ways your body responds to an "insult." An insult could be a toxin, the virus, or any other thing that causes harm. Our testing looks at how your body is responding to your outside and inside world, regardless of the condition you have been told or believe you have. Therefore, our panels ALL paint a picture of your true health, risk, and what is causing you to be "dis-eased." The panel right for you is what you can afford - because as the price goes up - so does the number of biomarkers obtained on you. We simply gain more precision and accuracy as we include more biomarkers in our analysis.

Dr Carter and I look forward to working with you to help you unravel the mystery of your health while explaining it to you in a simple and actionable manner.


Look below to find the times and links to our weekly webinars....

What is the Chronic Disease Support program?

1. It is a weekly live, interactive, 1h, webinar on Zoom covering important health-related topics.

2. The schedule is Tuesday at 8 pm EST. The topic is the same at both times/dates. We offer 2 times per week to accommodate schedules.

Monday Zoom Link (12 noon EST):

Tuesday Zoom link (8pm EST):

copy and paste to your browser at the designated time to join.

Except those associated with the vaccines


Stay Well

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