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Infections & Autoimmunity- High Impact Podcast

I do hope you listen to this podcast. It supports the 6 videos I created recently on stealth infections. Also, case studies include what to do when your doctor dismisses you and the concept of stealth infections.

Let's demystify the term 'crypticity' for you. It's a fascinating concept that explains how you can be exposed or even infected by a pathogen, yet not show symptoms for decades. This makes it incredibly challenging to link the exposure to the eventual disease.

We’re living in a time where our water is polluted, our air is more polluted, there are persistent toxins in the environment, processed and refined foods are ubiquitous in people’s diets, and all kinds of medications adversely impact the gut microbiome. All of these factors have contributed to compromised immune systems, chronic disease, and a growing autoimmune pandemic.

In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, I’m joined by Dr. Steven Phillips and Dana Parish. Dr. Phillips is a world-renowned, Yale-trained physician, researcher, and international lecturer who specializes in the management of complex vector-borne infections.

Dana Parish is an award-winning Sony/ATV singer-songwriter who has become a powerful voice in the field of Lyme disease. Together, they are working to shift the norm from treating symptoms, falsely diagnosing conditions, and prescribing lifelong medications, to finding and curing the root causes of autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses.

In this episode, we discuss:

0:00 Intro

2:22 Why Dana Parish and Dr. Steven Phillips began working together

5:32 Dr. Phillips’ clinical and personal experience with chronic disease

11:49 Dana’s experience with chronic Lyme disease and the dogma and ignorance that comes with it

15:07 The frustrations of common Lyme disease diagnoses and treatments

18:20 Comparing chronic infections to the COVID-19 pandemic

30:21 The vested interests of conventional medicine

36:49 Chronic illnesses; how we got here

43:11 Advice: power through the hard times to reach the root cause of your illness.

Here is a link to the published article.

BTW - I have confidence in Chris Kresser's knowledge. He consistently puts out good content. Many years ago, I read his article on organ meat and realized he understands health at the foundation.

Here is his article titled,


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