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Jodi Laird is our new health coach and admin. If you work with HRP in any way, you will be getting to know Jodi.

Jodi is a Certified Health Coach and co-founder of Laird Wellness, a wellness education, coaching, and supplementation company. Being a mother of two former gymnasts, an 8-year gymnastics director, and through a lifetime of dietary and fitness experimentation and correction, she has personal insight into what really works and how to customize protocols for each person’s unique health scenario. She and her husband, Scott Laird, ND have helped countless individuals improve their health, reverse symptoms, and empower themselves for lifelong wellness.

Jodi is very excited to work along Dr. Tom Lewis, the Health Revival Partners team, and you - in an admin capacity and as a health coach. This is where she can do what she loves best — help others improve their health!


Jodi will be replacing Jazz as the HRP admin and will be available for health coaching for those looking for these services.


Look below to find the times and links to our weekly webinars....

What is the Chronic Disease Support program?

1. It is a weekly live, interactive, 1h, webinar on Zoom covering important health-related topics.

2. The schedule is Tuesday at 8 pm EST. The topic is the same at both times/dates. We offer 2 times per week to accommodate schedules.

Monday Zoom Link (12 noon EST):

Tuesday Zoom link (8pm EST):

copy and paste to your browser at the designated time to join.

Except those associated with the vaccines


Stay Well

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Hello, do you have an info@ email address, please? I live in Switzerland and would like to know more about the full biomarker assessment panel and if it can be administered in Europe by a LabCorp partner lab/testing center? Thank you!

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