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Ivermectin Attacks Spike Like it is a Virus

Drs. Campbell & Clancy discuss how ivermectin "neutralizes" the spike protein. And, Dr. Clancy discusses how viruses "erupt" when the spike is present. Here are some key excerpts from the transcript (taken as is).

infection has a particular presentation and there's a great commonality between these two presentations and they both

seem to respond to the same type of treatment approach yes I I think that's a very good summary what we discussed the other day was that there are two syndromes which have great similarities (spike & viruses).

so you in a sense you have postvaccine long Co and post infection.

Lewis note: That's why our spike and super panel test for EBV, other virals, and the response of your killer and helper cells (CD4 & CD8)

three studies showed that if you treat


patients who have low oxygen saturation with this drug (ivermectin) the oxygen


saturation increases to normal in most cases within 24 hours which made no


sense if you're suppressing an inflammation uh and this was then taken up by showing that uh if you take the


red cells of you or me or anybody and add a little bit of Spike protein they all Clump together and this of course is


making a very inefficient process of transferring oxygen from the lungs into the blood and so the saturation goes


down but if you put small amounts of of this drug uh in in the test tube the


aggregation either disappears or doesn't happen uh and there there's a lot of


really interesting studies that that sort of come together when you understand this concept for example


people looking at blood flow through small vessels under the tongue uh have shown that in Long Co for example as


well as co there's this reduced perfusion use movement of blood through


these vessels they go off to bigger vessels and when you treat them it


changes so it's a very exciting concept that solid very solid science

Lewis comment:

  • Anyone spiked should routinely run their oxygen saturation (an inexpensive device you can get almost anywhere).

  • Consider dark field microscopy

  • Under the tongue is the Glycocheck test

  • ESR, fibrinogen, d dimer, prothrombin time, INR, CBC with differential, NT-Pro BNP, CD4, and CD8 are all tests that may establish the risk of end-stage spike diseases - cancer, myocarditis, and sudden death.

  • A much, much more expensive test is for amyloid protein aggregation.

several years ago when we were looking at athletes that I was talking about who have the epstein bar or the glandular


fevera virus or infectious modern nucleosis virus underpinning a chronic fatigue illness uh and if you treat them


with an antiviral agent um many of them most of them actually reversed their


level of confusion or their cable um cognitive issues uh the energy activated

Lewis: Here is a VERY interesting comment. First, a definition of complement.

The complement system is made up of a large number of distinct plasma proteins that react with one another to opsonize pathogens and induce a series of inflammatory responses that help to fight infection. A number of complement proteins are proteases that are themselves activated by proteolytic cleavage.

Here is the discussion

compliment would be deposited because you'd have an IGG antibody directed


against expressed Spike protein and we know IG antibody uh the ig3 subsets


particularly bind the the the compliment and the compliment does that's the innate


immune system that is the hand grenade going off the the uh pin of the hand


grenade is the IGG antibody the explosion is the complement induced uh


uh Amplified series of uh reactions that lead to the inflammation and damage I

Lewis comment: I put this discussion in here because most (99.99%) of doctors say IgG is a reflection of PAST INFECTION/IMMUNE RESPONSE. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE "PAST RESPONSE" - THAT IS, THE PIN OF THE IMMUNE HAND GRENADE? - ANSWER: NO

At minute ~40, they discuss hydroxychloroquine.


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