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Many of you are worried about your risks of a bad outcome if you get COVID or the JAB. Just yesterday I did a session with a young lady who got the JAB and experienced a number of adverse effects. They included: possible endocarditis and eruption of a number of gut symptoms including acid reflux.

Here is our latest video explain some of the biomarkers:

In general, what Dr. Carter and I am noting, is that either hidden or existing symptoms tend to get worse when you are exposed to the spike protein. We don't have enough data, yet, to draw definitive conclusions. However, the emergence of symptoms appears to be beyond coincidental.

Dr. Carter emphasizes that avoiding exposure from the virus is all but impossible. I believe getting the "vaccine" is a person choice. However, as a medical data scientist, I have two suggestions:

  • Understand and work to improve you underlying risks. If you have a chronic condition or any type of "co-morbidity." Take action to measure and improve your health. We offer broad and deep measurement of your risks that always includes actions to make corrections. Many people may not have a diagnosis or obvious symptoms but our assessment of your health will illuminate risks.

Dr. Trempe, my mentor from Harvard, consistently emphasized the concept of the "apparently well." People in this classification are at risk but may NOT be aware of their health status. A poignant example is Bernard Tyson, former CEO and Chairman of Kaiser Permanente. He died of a massive heart attack at the age of 60.

  • If you decide to get the "vaccine," make sure you have done all to optimize you health in advance. My personal approach is to delay getting this jab for as long as possible so that more data is available to make the safest choice possible. I had COVID way back in February of 2020 - thank you MB!


I strongly believe that the SARS-CoV-2 virus responds more to innate immunity compared to the flu. The evidence, which is admittedly incomplete, asserts that mortality in young children - ages 0 - 5, for example - is quite low in COVID but quite high in the flu. What is the difference?


Children are generally born with a strong innate immune system but an undeveloped adaptive immune system (antibodies). Here are a couple of links on this topic:

Title: Comparing the Risk of Death from COVID-19 vs. Influenza by Age.


Title: Comparison of the characteristics, morbidity, and mortality of COVID-19 and seasonal influenza: a nationwide, population-based retrospective cohort study.


Title: New York Magazine article on children’s risks from COVID-19 is accurate



I remain suspicious of ALL sources of information. The only time I'm reasonably comfortable is when the raw data is published that I can analyze. My experience is that the headlines seldom reflect the true meaning of the data. And, this is not just me drawing this conclusion. Would you trust a Chaired Professor of Medicine from Stanford? Meet Dr. John P. A. Ioannidis.