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Lifewave Considerations

Thomas Sowell responded when asked,

"How is your wife?"

He said,

"Compared to what?"

As an economist and sociologist, he implied that we do not compare circumstances against proper control.

I am a scientist, and there must be substantial scientific rigor before I endorse something. I am not naive about this, as Dr. Ioannidis from Stanford published a paper about 75% of scientific publications being false. Today we live in an era of overt misinformation propagated by greed and evil.

I currently do not endorse the patches. They make work wonderfully, and many testimonies support benefits, but I have not taken the time I require of myself to vet the technology.

Here is the video that I was asked not to publish - read below:

Note that Dr. Carter has personal and patient data supporting the patches. I have great respect for Dr. Carter. I suggest you follow up with him if you are interested in these.

Here are my general concerns:

1. I included a scientific article from their website when I first wrote the blog. The MLM rep called my staff no fewer than 6 times, demanding I remove that information. Instead, she wanted me to publish some text that praised the founder as a genius. Why remove scientific information?

2. The patches conveniently only last 24 hours. I am seeking information on the true half-life of these patches but have not obtained that yet. This question was on the chat of our webinar but was ignored.

3. Are all the testimonials by MLM members?

4. Someone I previously worked with asked, "why are these not working." When she joined the MLM, suddenly, they worked according to her.

5. Dr. Harshfield presented a paper from stem cell research that is a skeptic. Dr. Harshfield frequently states that our critics are our friends. Not so with Lifewave. The MLM rep called my staff with the following comment:

"We had a great webinar last nite! I know Dr Lewis usually edits it. We ended the recording at a certain place and then another recording was started a few minutes later. When Dr Lewis edits, please be sure not to add on the second recording as it was started in the middle of another conversation and we don’t want that part of the recording."

This quote above is the text... But what is the subtext? She does not want any contrary information.

After the webinar, here is a conversation between myself and a true medical scientist and thinker.

"T it's a good product, but there may be a few too many 'multi-level marketing' types and not enough Thomas Lewis types in the mix. They are so enthusiastic about what they are doing, and from within their echo chamber, they have no idea of the importance of actual science to back up their claims; oh well, they will learn"


Here is a link to the skeptic's post:

Note at the end is a glowing testimonial in favor of the patches.


Here is a link to the Lifewave science page. I cannot find the science article I put in the blog that was not published. I am not implying they took it down.

There are quite a few references. I currently do not have time to review all of these. As of today, I support light therapy and PEMF with MEMS and TEMS also beneficial but probably not as useful as these other two because of "depth of penetration."

I may endorse patches at some point from a scientific perspective but I would only use the product itself if not distributed through an MLM. That is my bias.


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