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Lyme & Oral Health - Focal Infection Part 4

This is a MUST WATCH Video.

Dr. Stoller (MD) pulls this subject all together. I first listened to this in 2016. Dr. Stoller said something very interesting during the talk. He said, "sometimes I just have to treat clinically."

What did he mean?

Stealth infection are often just that - stealth. Sometimes even the best testing will not find the organism - but experienced doctors KNOW they are there. In these instances what does the doctor do?

In the standard of care they don't even recognize these infectious causal factors. In the case of a great doctor like Stoller, he treats his patients. In the traditional medical community this is blasphemy. This is why treatment has degraded to statins, BP meds, etc.

I have recently analyzed over 500 labs we have processed. At least 70% of these labs have one single marker that is "abnormal" per the standard of care - LDL. Is it possible that all these people have a lipid imbalance needing treatment - or are you being set up for a drug that causes many side effects requiring additional healthcare visits and treatments (see our blogs on "

how not to die young.")

Thomas Insel was the director of the National Institute for Mental Health. In a "directors blog" from 2010 he stated that we probably only know 10% of the microorganisms. And these unknowns could be at the root of many mental health issues.

Hopefully this statement by Dr. Insel explains why Dr. Stoller sometimes treats "clinically."

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