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Methylene Blue Testimonial


I pray for your every single day!

I feel amazing. Have been feeling like crap for MONTHS.

I haven’t taken it as often as (name). I take it three to four times a week. I have stopped being around people completely, and no spikes are affecting me.

When I see a wind warning and weather, I stay inside because I was told directly that the wind is weaponized and carrying everything from glyphosate to the viral loads of COVID that we are still dealing with.

Additionally, I'm off most of my medications.

I do the lights almost every day. I have already designed a room around these lights (halogen shop lamps) for the house (name), and I ended up in it eventually. It will become a tropical beach paradise with trees, skies, and ocean sounds.

The BEMER combined with this all is life-changing (the methylene Blue) - it has REALLY made the big leap from months of recovery to an overnight ME I had forgotten!

I want to CRY!

God bless you always.


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Be Bold - Be Brave - Stay Well

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